Training Week 7: Harvest Time & Peak Week

Harvest is rolling by one day at a time and praise the Lord for this beautiful weather!

Life lately feels like the "Groundhog Day" movie where the same day keeps playing over and over and over. The days are really long and everyone is worn down. Lately I haven't been able to fall asleep until my husband comes home around 10 or 11 pm and it's making the whole 5:30-wake-up-thing a whole lot less appealing!

I really need to get my sleeping figured out before sugar beet harvest starts...

Sometimes I wish my husband could predictably come home in time for supper every night but that's just not the farming life. Growing up on a farm myself has helped as my dad was rarely in for supper time and there was (still is) always work to do. But, you know, having a normal family schedule does sound appealing on the long days!

Farming has been part of my life from the beginning and I do love it.

I am thankful that my husband works for a very family-oriented farm that brings all the families together for supper in the field on harvest nights and we do have our Sundays together. I'm thankful the kids get to ride in combines, see daddy work and the fellowship with the other families is really great.

My husband loves farming and I love seeing him do something he loves.

Some of my favorite times with my dad were spent riding on the fender of his swather. Bumpy and loud, but special none the less.

I trust that God has us right where He wants us at this moment in time and it really is a wonderful way to raise a family.

#realmenwearsuspenders ;)

Now here's the funny part...

Running and farming just do not go together!

Spring races mean it's planting time; Fall races mean it's harvest time. It was a miracle that my husband was able to watch me run the marathon back in May (and we even celebrated our wedding anniversary)! Time off during the busy season is a pretty big deal in the farming world!

Since it's busy harvest time, that means my next race must be near. One month to go!

What is left on your race calendar for this year?
What time of the year is busiest for you/your family?

Wild Hog Marathon Training Week 7:

Monday, August 15


Tuesday, August 16

Easy-Effort: 8 mi, 01:13 @ 09:11 pace.

Wednesday, August 17

Speedwork with double stroller: 6 mi, 00:48 @ 08:01 pace. 5 x 800m @ 8:01, 7:42, 7:41, 7:53, 7:41/mile pace with 2:00 recovery jog in between.
Strength: 6 x 1:00 plank series.

80 degrees felt so hot this morning!

Thursday, August 18

Strength: 2 sets of - thrusters, bicep curls, rows, flies, tricep kickbacks, running arms.

Friday, August 19

Tempo: 8.65 mi, 01:06 @ 07:39 avg pace. 2 x 3.75 miles @ 7:32, 7:24/mile pace.

Saturday, August 20

Easy-Effort with double stroller: 6.02 mi, 00:56 @ 09:13 pace.
Strength: Mowing the lawn with the pushmower.

Perfect cool morning! Temps in the 60's feel amazing and running felt easier.

Sunday, August 21

Long Run: 20.2 mi, 02:54 @ 08:36 pace.

Well, I lost my iPod on our camping trip and ran this long run without any music. GASP! I thought nearly 3 hours in silence was going to kill me! #firstworldproblems

Running the 20-miler without music ended up being a totally refreshing and worshipful time. I loved it and I really need to do that more often. I love how music drowns out my tiredness and my tired body's whining, but a break from music was really nice.
Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, my soul! 
I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. 
PSALM 146:1-2

Total Mileage: 48.87

Linking up with Holly and Tricia's Weekly Wrap Up.


  1. What a great week of workouts and a speedy long run! With the late nights and early mornings, I hope you get a chance to nap!

    1. Thanks, Tina! I snuck a nap with our littlest one today 😊

  2. "Babe, I got you Babe" That was the song that woke up Bill Murray's character every day in that movie! I shouldn't know this stuff...LOL

    What a fantastic long run! I like hearing about farming life. I grew up in the country with a large garden (not a true farm) but it resonates with me. I liked being on my Granddad's tractor.

    It sounds like you are ready for this marathon! Thanks for linking, Amy!

    1. Farm or not, there is something wonderful about growing up in the country! Thanks, Holly!

  3. I guess I did not realize your family farmed. I have tremendous respect for the work a farmer does and his day really never ends. I can't imagine too the stress over things like the weather has on crops as well.
    I use to think I couldn't run without music either until I was forced too. Now I hardly ever listen to anything but my feet pounding the pavement and me trying to gasp air, lol. Thanks Amy for linking up and your support!!

    1. I grew up on a small farm with livestock and now my husband works for a large farm with crops, no livestock. My dad always said, "If you farm, you don't need to gamble". This year has been very wet and it stinks to see so many farmers stressed out!

      Thank you for stopping by Tricia!


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