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5 Friday Favorites - 8/1

Goodbye July, Hello Fitness Friday ! Stop by the link-up to share your favorite fitness links! Here are my favorite pictures, Scriptures, workouts and foods this Friday. 5 Last Pictures for July We were attacked by the horses! Or they just wanted some attention. E love petting the horses :) Peas fresh from Grandma's garden are the best. He takes the word "iPod" literally. Eye-pod. This wild, spinny fair ride is the closest thing to a "date" that we've had in a while! This boy loves when daddy comes home! And I do, too :) 5 Truths for Today We have this hope [our faith and hope in Jesus Christ] as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19 The heavens are Yours, and Yours also the earth; You founded the world and all that is in it. Psalm 89:11 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 So we fix our eyes not on what

Speedwork: Why It Matters

Training for the Blue Ox Half Marathon started this week! Similar to the Half in May, I am using a modified version of the  Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon plan. While training for and racing my first half marathon this spring, I learned so much about the importance of speed work and specific training runs... And how much I have lacked training intensity while training for full marathons. With the full marathon, my main focus had been on hitting a certain amount of mileage per week. I hit the mileage but the runs lacked intensity and I had a "just get it done" mentality. Running the half has changed my training philosophy from mileage-focused to quality-focused. If you want to race fast, you have to train fast! Here are a few key workouts that I'm working with each week (or alternating weeks for speed/hill days). For more detailed information, check out Hal Higdon's website . I really like his plans because they are free and they have worked for me i

5 Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm joining up with Fitness Friday at Jill and am jumping on the "Friday 5" bandwagon. Her post was full of so many random fun things, I just couldn't help myself. Thanks, Jill, for this awesomely random Friday idea! 5 Faith Pins View Image Source View Image Source View Image Source View Image Source View Image Source 5 Running-Related Things Training starts for the Bemidji Blue Ox Half Marathon next week! I'm setting race goals similar to my Fargo Half Marathon goals from this spring: A-Goal, B-Goal, and P-Goal (P = preggo). If we aren't expecting, I am shooting to break 1:30. is my favorite online training resource! It tracks my weekly mileage and keeps runners (and walkers, cyclists, etc.) in touch with each other. Strength training workouts from  are awesome. Carrie has awesome training tips and workout videos all online and free. Rollerblading with the jo

Signing with Your Toddler

This week we are sharing tips for "Helping Your Toddler to Communicate" on the series, "One Year and Beyond" Before I write anything, let me confess that I'm not a master of this mysterious toddler stage. With E being only 16 months old, the wild times of toddler-hood have only just begun! I was hesitant to try baby signing at first, thinking maybe it was just another fad, but now have to say that signing has been a great way to connect with E. The online dictionary at Baby Sign has been a wonderful resource. Their dictionary includes easy-to-understand images and videos for everyday words. Plus, by using their online resources, we didn't have to spend money on buying books or flashcards! We started teaching E signs at around 6 months and I questioned whether he was absorbing any of the signs we were teaching. Now as he is in the early toddler months, the "hard work" is paying off! Actually, teaching him wasn't hard at all.

Yet Another Race + 5 Favorite Summer Toddler Activities

This week, I am linking up with the toddler series, "One Year and Beyond" and we are sharing our favorite summer toddler activities. This summer has been eventful one and I am so thankful for the beautiful weather! Though I am not a huge fan of 5k's , E and I ran one together last weekend. The 5k course went right by our house and was on my usual running route. Can't beat that! Also, running a local race is a great way to meet the other runners in our new hometown. Daddy was gone this weekend for his other job so E and I took on this race together. It actually went very well and we maintained an average pace of 7:01/mile to finish in 22:04 . That was a new 5k PR for me with and without a stroller! My prayer during the race was "Lord, please don't let me fall on my face." That prayer may sound a bit trivial and shallow, but God truly cares about even the little things on our heart and I was seriously nervous about falling! Racing with a jogging

Developing Spiritual and Physical Discipline

My family and I were battling a nasty stomach flu last week and it feels so good to feel good again! You know something is wrong when I don't feel like running, drinking coffee, or writing. We had a great time with family over the 4th of July and now everyone is feeling much better. We went out for a pontoon ride, kayaked, and had a campfire. I tried eating a s'more (because those are a requirement of camping) but it didn't sit too well. E really enjoyed camping, minus the life-jacket that didn't fit him very well! Of course we went for a family run, too! Over the past couple weeks, I had been developing a new morning routine of waking up at 5:00 am for Bible reading/prayer/devotions, working out at 6:00 am and making breakfast for the guys at 7:00 am (depending on Leo's work schedule). While we were all sick, I fell off the routine because we mainly slept and/or laid around all day for two days straight. I have been reading the book Every Body Matt