Doodling with Doodletopia: Cartoons {Book Review}

I am a doodler, always have been and hopefully always will be. There are notebooks upon notebooks full of my drawings of horses, cartoon people, imaginary creatures and faraway places!

It's my way of getting creativity out of my head and on to paper. Even better, doodling is very relaxing.

Our three-year-old and I have been dabbling in Doodletopia: Cartoons over the past couple weeks and we have had so much fun! He scribbles cartoons that mostly resemble tornadoes and requests that I draw superheroes for him. Lots and lots of superheros.

Doodletopia author Christopher Hart has filled this instructional book with cartooning prompts and creative inspiration. He gives helpful tips and tricks and then leaves the creative door open for his readers.

I really enjoy Hart's sense of humor. My favorite page spread instructs you to draw your "coolest-of-the-uncool" clothes for a hipster. Yes,we have to poke a little fun at the hipsters!

This book is an excellent resource for experienced doodlers and aspiring doodlers alike! Doodletopia is available for $18.99 at various retailers.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions are my own. 


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