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The Week of the Couchathon

Looking back on the week, my most prized accomplishment was bleaching the bathroom Monday night after the kids started feeling well again. Other than that, I didn't really get much else done. Both of the littles had a "cold" (or so I thought) for a few days last week and I was sure that I had escaped sickness' grasp. Turns out I was quite incorrect in that assumption! The exhaustion and fever continued for five days , affectionately dubbing this week my "couchathon". I don't remember the last time I've laid around so much! I did my best to keep the kids busy with little activities here and there while I laid around like a vegetable sipping Alka-Seltzer Plus. Cold sweats, hot flashes, gunky coughing, wheezing, body aches, major fatigue.  I don't like to self-diagnose but I bet you a batch of cookie bars that this wasn't just a cold! The very-flu-like sickness took a run through our household and I'm ever thankful that our

Taking Performance (and Recovery!) to the Next Level | Legend Compression Review

Disclaimer: I received Legend Compression Leg Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews! I'm a rather simplistic runner — grab my running shoes, appropriate clothing for the weather, my Garmin (or not, some days) and I'm good. Over my years of running, I have added an item or two to my gear list because they truly make a difference in my performance — compression wear is at the top of the list. Running in compression wear makes my legs feel lighter and less fatigued, even at mile 20 of a marathon. I used to think it was all in my head but the proof is in the pudding. Compression really works! As a BibRave Pro, I received the Legend Compression Leg Sleeves to review and I put them to the test this month. I have used compression socks for training, racing and recovery in the past but this was my first time using leg sleeves . I found that the l

Who's Got Goals? I Do, I Do!

Three weeks into January and I'm finally sitting down to write out goals for 2017. Yes, I'm going to DO THIS! I'm a goal-happy kind of person but this year it has been harder to articulate them and to narrow it down to what is most important. 1. Live Confidently in My Calling I turn 30 this year and this new decade will be one of living boldly, confidently and unapologetically in my God-given calling. The 20's decade was crazy! So much change — single college student, grad, career woman, new wife, first-time homeowners, first-time mom, stay-at-home mom, moving to a new town and mom to two — I hardly recognize my 20-year-old self. My twenties were full of newness and huge life changes. This year I am sharing more about my struggles in person and in writing on this blog. Sharing opens up a door to encourage and band together with others who are riding the same struggle bus. (Sidenote: I love to say "struggle bus". Got it from my youngest brother!)

A Quick California Catch-Up

Last week was a nice catch-up week after being gone for so long. Catching up on the house, laundry and big-time catching up on the time zone change! Even the kids slept in til 9:00 am on numerous mornings last week - which was fine, but getting to bed before 11:00 pm was tough. We were all about two hours off our usual but this week has been much better. To keep myself from going all picture crazy on this post, here are just a few memories from our two weeks in California. For the first part of our trip, we traveled to Newport Beach, California via a smooth (a.k.a. happy kids) flight to Las Vegas followed by a VERY LONG drive to the beach. It was a Sunday night and the Las Vegas to Las Angeles traffic was insane. Once we arrived at the beach, the weather was perfect for us - around the 60-70's during the day - and the ocean water was SO cold. This must be the off season for beach goers because we had the place nearly to ourselves all day. My sister-in-law and I discover

2016 Running Year Review

Happy New Year!!! As I was just getting the hang of writing "2016" at the end of the date, we're switching to 2017. I can't believe how this year has blown by. The past twelve months have been full of memories, lessons learned and lots of pictures. I looove pictures (in case you can't tell). We've been off in California beachin' it and visiting family in the northern parts so I'm behind in the blogging world. More on our travels will be coming next week! In the meantime, here are my 2016 running year highlights to follow up on last year's running review : Best Race Experience Running 2 marathons in 2 weeks.  Finishing first female was an extra perk! "Breaking" (or running through) the tape was an addicting experience and I hope this won't be my first and last time doing it! Running two marathons so close together was actually a great experience. Two races for one training cycle. Definitely going to try that again!