Must Have for On-The-Go Pups | Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl Review

Disclaimer: I received the Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl in exchange for my review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The beautiful weather has arrived and we have taken full advantage by taking daily walks and frequent adventures to the park. I pack up a lunch for the kids and I when we head out for a longer stretch and, of course, we need to bring something for our dog, Saul, too.

I used to pack Saul's metal dog food bowl in the bottom of the stroller and it just seemed to take up space. Not to mention making everything else down there dog-slobbery as well! But, just like us humans, our dog needs a drink too! Thankfully, there was another way...

As a BibRave Pro Dog, Saul received the Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl to try on our park trips, after which, he took notes and passed them on to me for this post ;)

The Nano Bowl arrived folded up into a handy little square, small enough to fit in my pocket and weighing in at only 1 oz! The Stunt Puppy website notes that you can attach it to your dog's collar but I preferred to toss it in our stroller. After a quick unfold, I poured a water-bottle's worth into the bowl. The Nanopore Waterproof™ Membrane is indeed waterproof. Not a drop leaked on to our sidewalk, which proves this would be a handy indoor portable water bowl as well.

We brought it on our trek to the park and Saul was very impressed. The bowl holds up to 3.5 cups of water and is easily hand or machine washable. I'm thankful for that because Saul always leaves his bowl quite drooly! On our summer camping trips, we will be using this bowl and could certainly use another Nano Bowl to hold his dry food.

The Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl is a well-thought out product for active pet owners. I have reviewed a few products by Stunt Puppy and they know their pet-loving customers well! Saul is now too old to go on very long runs with me, though I could see this being perfect for a four-legged running partner who needs a hydration break on the run.

I highly recommend this Minnesota-made product. Stunt Puppy knows pets and their owners!

Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl Specs

  • Holds 3.5 cups of water
  • 5" diameter, 5" deep
  • Weighs only 1 oz!
  • Nanopore Waterproof™ Membrane, FDA-certified non-toxic and chemical free
  • Available in grey (pictured above)
  • Hand and machine washable
  • American-made fabric & construction (actually made in Minnesota!)
  • $20.00 on
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Music City Favorites | Nashville Notes Runner's Guide

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If you're heading to Rock 'n' Roll Nashville, there is SO much to take in during your visit. My family and I flew there for a family reunion last November and we enjoyed the amazing sights and perfect weather. Even though we had a ton of fun, there was much more to see and too little time to hit it all!

I'm going to give you a quick run down of my favorite family stops and some that we missed in Music City. For a thorough list of stops, check out the BibRave Nashville Notes Guide to Music City presented by Brooks on Pinterest and Google Maps (see below).

First things first, you're there to run, right? Stop by Brooks Running for all things running:

Take in the Sights

"If you love art and classic architecture, then the Parthenon is the perfect trip for a relaxing afternoon in Nashville. Built in 1987, the Parthenon is not only a full size replica of the original Parthenon in Greece, but also home to an art museum which features 63 regular paintings and regular rotating exhibits. Situated within the 132 acre Centennial Park, a visit to the Parthenon makes for a perfect cool-down after a morning run through the park." — Nashville Notes
The Parthenon was a hit with our family, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents included. I so enjoyed the sights in the park area surrounding the Parthenon and that was before even getting into the building! It's huge, amazing and such a great learning experience. The kids ran around and burned off energy while we were able to read up on the history.

We had a picnic lunch by the nearby bike path with our families and later went back that evening, just the adults, to see the Parthenon in lights. I highly recommend checking out the Parthenon, both day and night!

Downtown Stops

"Have your running socks ready to be knocked off by soon-to-be stars and maybe even a music legend or two while you make your way through Ole Red’s redneck-themed menus. Ole Red is setup as a bar, restaurant, and concert venue created by country music superstar Blake Shelton. The ‘Ole Redneck Fashioned’ is an ideal post-race drink and is sure to get your toes tapping again. If you’re looking to keep the party going after your race, Ole Red’s is a must add for your list." — Nashville Notes
While the kids were well cared for and heading to bed, the parents and siblings went out to explore the Nashville night life! Downtown Nashville was swarming with people and full of action. We enjoyed a drink on the rooftop of Blake Shelton's Ole Red while listening to live music.

"Tootsie’s is one of the most iconic and historic honky tonks in Nashville. Step through the door and you’ll be walking into 60 years of country music history. Nearly every name you’ve heard of in the industry, and thousands you haven't heard of, have passed through the doors at Tootsie’s. " — Nashville Notes
The history behind downtown Nashville is just amazing! We spent much of our time downtown looking at old photos that told the story of these historic honky tonks. Thinking about the amazing musicians that have walked through the door at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge just blows my mind!

The Eats

"Red Bicycle Coffee has three convenient Nashville locations ready to greet you with their boutique coffee shop charm. To pair with their high-end coffee selections, The Red Bicycle has a wide range of crepe choices ranging from savory to sweet making this a perfect start to power your Nashville morning." — Nashville Notes
One can never have too much coffee, am I right? We didn't make it to this stop during our Nashville trip but I would love to have a sweet latte paired with crepes on a return trip. The drinks at Red Bicycle Coffee look absolutely drool-worthy!

What will be YOUR first stop in Nashville? 

Plan your trip using this ultimate guide designed with runners (like you) in mind:

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Making Strides with Strava | Strava Review

Disclaimer: I received a Strava Summit Subscription and additional Strava swag as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hey all! Hope spring training is treating you well! The peak of Fargo Marathon training is near and, praise the Lord, I am running healthy and un-injured. I am thrilled to make it this far in the Hansons Marathon Method program without a replay of last Fall.

Let's talk training. 

I have tracked my training over the past ten marathons in various ways, from daily journal entries to blog posts to physical training logs to online logs. I had used DailyMile in the past but they recently shutdown. That was a bummer but, as a BibRave Pro, I was presented with an opportunity to work with Strava just in the knick of time!

Strava is a program that offers tracking for running and cyclists with a "social networking for athletes" appeal. Users are able to track their mileage on OR on their Strava app, which is the #1 app for runners and cyclists.

As a brand new Strava user, I signed up for a free account on their website and later downloaded the app to my iPhone.

With my free account, I am able to link-up my Garmin Forerunner which automatically syncs my workouts from Garmin Connect to Strava. That is SO handy because I don't need to physically enter any of my workout data! Though I can log in to add description/workout details and photos if desired.

My Strava account tracks my mileage, saves a map of each workout and includes basic analytics (pace, elevation, etc) all saved on my profile. I am able to connect with other runners and of course my BibRave Pro team, too. We have a Run Club and keep each other on track through that!

I appreciate the ease of set up and syncing workouts. As I continue to make strides and gain experience with this platform, I will share an update with you here on the blog!

Sign up for a free Strava account at or download the app in the App Store.

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Sun's Out! | Knockaround Fast Lanes Review

Disclaimer: I received Knockaround Fast Lanes in exchange for my review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The sun! It has returned and brought some bright Spring days along with it. Marathon training mileage has been ramping up and feeling the sun beat down on my weekend long run has been so wonderful. Oh how I've missed that feeling over the past long, looonnggg winter months.

In timely fashion, as a BibRave Pro, I received a pair of Knockaround Fast Lane shades to review. I have worn Knockaround Premium shades in the past but this is my first pair of Fast Lanes. The Fast Lane style features a clean-cut, rectangular silhouette that is very flattering.

The general rule is to not try anything new for, say, your first 16-mile run in a year. Well, I broke that rule when the Fast Lanes showed up on my doorstep. I am very picky about the sunglasses I wear running, as glasses that slip down my sweaty nose are just plain annoying.

That wasn't the case with the Fast Lanes! They are a perfect fit for my face type and I was shocked to find that they are only $25 for polarized glasses. They feel like high-quality glasses but are affordably priced. LOVE that about Knockaround!

I chose the Glossy Black and Amber Ice/Gold color and of course they come in a whole variety of other colors that Knockaround is known for. My shades are holding up well and I wear them everywhere; on the run, out on errands with the kids, spending time outdoors.

My overall thoughts are: AWESOME shades and great, affordable price. Throw the below discount on that and it's a deal you can't beat!

Use the discount code "BIBRAVEKNOCKS1" for 20% off your entire Knockaround order. This offer is available from 3/25 to 4/18 and is limited to one use per person.

- Knockaround Fast Lane Specs -

  • Clean-cut, rectangular silhouette, ideal for medium to larger face shapes
  • 16 color options listed on
  • $25.00 for polarized, $20 for non-polarized
    Specs from
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