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A Gentle Feast: Green Year Term 1 Review

The past 12 weeks of the school year have flown by and we are taking full advantage of this Thanksgiving break week! The kids and I are capitalizing on outdoor time on Grandma and Grandpa's farm and making a few trips to the indoor hockey rink as well. We finished Term 1 just in time for this break and will be jumping into Term 2 come Monday. With this being our first school year using the A Gentle Feast curriculum created by Julie Ross, we are studying the Green Year (Cycle 1): Columbus, Conquests, and Colonies from 1000-1650 AD. Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post but will receive a little $ if you use my A Gentle Feast affiliate link .  Thank you :) A Gentle Feast is a Charlotte Mason curriculum, geared towards the family learning together, consists of four main components: The Appetizer -  Bible study, poetry, picture and composer study along with recitation and fables/hero tales.  The Soup and Salad -  Language Arts Block - writing, reading and grammar