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Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate!

Well I've got some exciting news. A surprise race has made it's way onto my 2017 running calendar and it's a first. My first race for BibRave and my first 15k: The Hot Chocolate 15k Minneapolis . Every time I think of this race the  "Hot Chocolate" song from the Polar Express comes to mind. If you haven't heard it yet, I highly encourage you to take a second to listen :) Hot, Hot - Hey, We've got it! - Hot Chocolate! The race swag is pretty amazing. Because, well, I love chocolate and one can never have too many cute hoodies. Plus with the "MinnHCBR" code when registering, you receive a bonus visor. Pretty cool. I mean hot!  I received a free 7-week race plan when I registered which was great because... how do you train for a 15k? Not a 10k but not quite a half and definitely not a full. The plan has been a great motivator for me to jump back into "training mode" again. I have missed those long runs! Anywhoo, I

Race Report: Frozen Feat 10k

After the weeks of all sorts of sick, I was feeling really frustrated. Frustrated by not being able to get as much done, by feeling so tired and headache-y and by not being able to keep up anymore. Then I read this from the Jesus Calling devotional: "Thank Me for the conditions that are requiring you to be still " "Being still" is something I struggle with but reading this changed my perspective. Rather than being frustrated by the influenza-ear infection/rupture-head cold-what-not, I changed my focus to seeking quietness and trust by resting in God. While my cold didn't disappear and energy didn't return instantly, seeing the good in this "down time" took away much of my stress and frustration. One of my goals was to feel healthy for the Frozen Feat 10k and that was accomplished! Maybe not 100% healthy, but so SO much better than before. After picking up my husband from the airport on Friday, we were finally all together again as a f

Hands-Free Running for Hands-Full Runners | Stunt Puppy Review

Disclaimer: I received this Stunt Puppy leash to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews! There are days when I peacefully run solo and others when I am in the wonderful company of my kids in the jogger and our now 10-year-old Border Collie, Saul. When I'm out with the whole crew, I get the occasional comment of "You sure have your hands full!" While the kids and dog are usually well-behaved, between pushing the jogger and holding the dog's leash, my hands are quite literally "full". Running with Saul on his old leash was complicated. It would end up wrapped around his leg, the stroller or who knows what else. Needless to say, he really didn't like wearing his leash. Little did I know there was a hands-free solution! As a BibRave Pro, I received the Stunt Runner hands-free leash by Stunt Puppy. This leash is designed speci

Somewhat Valentine's 10k Plans

I'm making my way back to "healthy" again and, compared to last week, I'm feeling like a spring chicken. Last week was a surprise. We resumed normal life, played outside and I was back slowly running again, but then I took a turn for the worse with bronchitis and a ruptured ear drum (from a mystery ear infection). The kids and my husband stayed healthy at least and after a round of antibiotics, I should be good now too. Good riddance! Who taught him to stick out his tongue?! #toddlertude Before the second wind of my sick week, I did sign up for the Frozen Feat 10k - I must have been feeling pretty good that day! A neighboring town has an outdoor 10k and we're going to make a "family affair" out of the day - running the race and then out for a post-Valentine's lunch date after. Yes, a 10k in the middle of February in North Dakota... The weather will definitely be a surprise. Like Russian roulette for runners? Maybe it will be a beautiful