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Race Report: Boston Marathon 2012

Here is a race report from Boston Marathon 2012. It's a bit late, considering it's 2013, but the blog didn't exist back then! My prayers go out to all of the victims and their families in the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy. Any struggles that happened in the heat last year are trivial compared to this year's horrible experience. With my mom waiting for me at the finish line last year, I can't even imagine having something like the occurrence this year happen. --- Crossing at 03:43:25 Results: Finish Time - 03:43:25 Average Pace - 8:31/mile Placing - 5,167 out of 21,568 Weather: Hot, hot, hot! It was a hot and humid 87°F. I had NO clue they had April weather like that in Boston! Race summary: I trained for the Boston hills, but definitely didn't train for heat and humidity. Overall, the race was an awesome experience - tons of people and things to look at, though I did need to change my race strategy due to the heat. I was glad to make it under

{Running Recap: 4/22-27}

I am running a marathon in October this year and haven't started training yet. My current goal is to rebuild my running base now that I'm no longer carrying E around with me - in my belly anyways, I still love to carry him around when not running :) I'm starting to feel like myself now after having our little man in March. Running is SO much easier without a big belly and squished bladder! Having a baby at home has given life a new perspective for me, too. Running, and life in general, is full of more joy knowing we are blessed with such a sweet little son! Also, I'm going to apply the below running tip to my life! Running Tip for Success: Make proactive steps toward your goals when you're awake. Sleep in your spandex. If you're already wearing spandex, you have already made the decision to go running. - Sabrina Little {Weekly Workouts} M - 30-Day Shred DVD + 3.5 tempo interval PM run (When will I learn NOT to eat supper before I go out for an evenin

First Pregnancy & Postpartum Reflections

Just for a little running background... I've loved running since I ran my first 5k in 2009 (prior to that, I thought only crazy people ran longer than 1 mile!). It was a great way to chill out before my senior portfolio presentation in college and a great solo or group activity once I moved to a new town for work. Five marathons later, it's still my favorite activity! Running kept me a bit more sane during my pregnancy with Eli and has proven to be great "mommy alone time" now that our little man is here. The peace and quiet outside in the morning is great for spending time with God in His Creation, praying, and reflecting. Running when pregnant was great, but proved to be a bit lonely. I didn't know any pregnant running moms in our area, so I researched what other pregnant moms that DO run experienced during their pregnancies. Being an active pregnant momma brought on more criticism that I ever expected. Looking back now, though, none of it matters! Here I a

Unwavering Faith

The weather is finally starting to warm up here! 60 degrees is in the weekend forecast. Time to break out the shorts! I went for a 5 mile run before the boys were up. The run felt really good, I ran some of the park hills that are still a bit snowy, and the sunrise was gorgeous. When I got back home, we all had sausage, gravy, and biscuits for breakfast. Leo headed to a meeting and Eli and I had our devotional time together. I read the Bible to him every day because Leo and I really want to impress God's Word on his heart at an early age ( Deuteronomy 6:5-9 ). I enjoy reading to him and I know he hears me! This morning I was studying Romans 4 and came across the story of Abraham and his righteousness. This is such a good Biblical example of unwavering faith in God no matter the circumstances! Even though it seemed impossible for him and Sarah to have children, Abraham didn't lose faith! He stood firm in his faith and God credited this to him as righteousness. Yet he d

An Introduction

My name is Amy and I live in the northern tundra with my amazing husband and son. I’m a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, wife, mother, graphic designer, runner, and outdoor enthusiast. My husband and I were married in spring 2012 and our son was born March 2013. Both my husband and son are such amazing blessings in my life! I love being a wife and mother. On a daily basis, I love to get out for a run, make breakfast for my husband (I'm an extreme morning person!), read the Bible and spend time with God in the morning, and take care of our little guy. Being first-time parents has definitely been a learning experience for both of us, but we are doing our best to find joy in each day God has blessed us with. Even in trials each day of life is such a blessing. My life verse is: 1 Corinthians 10:31 - Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do; do it all for the glory of God. Whether I'm cleaning the house, running a marathon, or spending time with family and friends, I want