Intercessory Prayer {Book Review}

Since dedicating my life to the Lord five years ago, prayer has been something that leaves me awestruck. To think that the Almighty God wants to talk with me, one on one, is mind-blowing and also a bit confusing.

I have had many questions about prayer over the years, some I have asked and some seem so silly I didn't dare ask anyone.

Why does God want to talk to me? Do my prayers really matter? Does He answer our prayers? Do I ask God for too much or do I not ask enough? Do my prayers make a difference? 

Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets has helped to grow my understanding of prayer and the necessity of a prayer life. He has a way with words that explains deep theological concepts without totally losing a non-theologian like me.
"The real question is: Does a sovereign, all-powerful God need our involvement or not? Is prayer really necessary? If so, why? I believe it is necessary. Our prayers can bring revival. They can bring healing. We can change a nation. Strongholds can come down when and because we pray." Dutch Sheets, Intercessory Prayer
Having a better understanding of the "how's & why's" of prayer has inspired me with courage to pray for the impossible and has motivated me to be more persistent in my prayer life.

As the author points out, stubbornness can be channeled into a righteous force called persistence or endurance. I have plenty of stubbornness to go around and my prayer is that I can channel it into prayer-endurance! (Isn't it nice to finally hear a positive spin on being stubborn!?)

I highly recommend Intercessory Prayer as a book for individual study or as a group Bible study. It is available with a study guide, 8-session DVD and youth edition as well.

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