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Race Report: Fargo Marathon 2024

(Repost from IG with some deets at the end) On Saturday, I ran the Fargo Marathon for Marathon #19! There is a lesson to learn from every marathon and yesterday’s was: Even when things don’t go according to plan, NEVER GIVE UP‼️ Back when the miles felt smooth :)  I went in with an aggressive “A” goal, overshot my pacing (oye 🙄) and hit a pretty hard wall wayyy too early in the race. After mile 10, I started to fade and knew that my current pacing wasn’t sustainable for the next 16.2 miles. I was passed by many runners at that point and really battled it out in my mind for the rest of the race. Somewhere around the 25th mile of the race, a half marathon runner yelled, “the lead is only 4 minutes ahead, GO GET HER!” I said, “thank you!”, and gave her a thumbs up but was very doubtful that I could catch anyone with how miserable I felt. How not to pace a marathon... I kept trucking at whatever pace I could keep, feeling pretty tense and disappointed in how I executed this race