Training Week 6: Last Camping Trip of the Year

This week we enjoyed our last camping trip of the year!

Because harvest is in full swing, the little ones and I snuck away with Grandma. It was a special trip — a Mother/Daughter + Sons Camping Adventure.

Despite stormy weather in the forecast, we went on a group bike ride/run, splashed in the Mississippi Headwaters and put those rolling hill bike paths to good use.

We ate a lot of amazing campfire food prepared by my mom like ham & cheese pockets and "spider" hot dogs. My favorite was easily the wild blueberry turnovers topped with powdered sugar.

Wild blueberries are delicious!

On one of the more gloomy weather days, we drove to a small local "zoo" called Animal Land. The little ones really got a kick out of the animals. They had quite an assortment for such a small place, from the "Tortoise and the Hare" to lions and camels.

And we climbed a 100 ft. firetower... with the 3- and 1-year-old. Yikes.

That was a big feat for me, as I'm not a huge fan of heights! Pretty sure I'm the only one that was scared. Grandma and the kids thought it was great.

After the .5 mile walk there, climbing the tower, and the .5 mile walk back, we were all ready for bed that night.

Before we drove to my parents' farm on Friday, I went out for a long run on the beautiful tree-lined bike paths. The mid-morning weather was toasty so I wore my Camelbak and tested out my SLS3 Neon Sport Socks.

My usual Fitsoks are great for cool weather running but they keep my feet too warm on hot weather runs. Fargo Marathon this year was a fine example of that. Hot feet, nasty blisters... ouch.

SLS3's Neon Sport Socks kept my feet dry, they stayed in position during the run and, after 13.6 miles, I was still blister-free! Use the code "DKJIJERK" to get $5.00 off a 3-pack of these socks.


Wild Hog Marathon Training Week 6:

Monday, August 8

Easy-Effort: 7.51 mi, 01:09 @ 09:09 pace.

I was out the door at 5:45 and fit in as many miles as I could before 7:00 am... when the wild things wake up :) Then we spent the morning at the park, riding bike and in our back yard.

Tuesday, August 9

Speedwork: 6.04 mi, 00:48, 07:52 avg pace. 6 x 800m @ 7:37, :25, :19, :09, :23, 6:55/mile avg pace.

Wednesday, August 10

Packing and traveling for our camping trip with Grandma!
Easy-Effort with double stroller: 5.16 mi, 00:50 @ 09:44 pace.

Ran to the Mississippi Headwaters and back with the littlest in the jogging stroller. Big brother rode on the back of Grandma's bike!

Thursday, August 11

Hiked 1 mile with 1-year-old in arms and climbed 100 ft. tower.

Friday, August 12

Long Run: 13.64 mi, 01:55 @ 08:24 pace.

Hilly and hot long run! I will appreciate the flat course on race day after this run. I "borrowed" the toddler's whistle that he got at the fair just in case I ran across any wild animals. This campground is very "city-like" and I haven't seen any bears on the trail personally, but better safe than sorry.

That little whistle would save me from a hungry bear, right? :)

Saturday, August 13

Easy-Effort: 4 mi, 00:39 @ 09:50 pace.
Strength: 6 x 1:00 planks. Leg raises and bridges.

Easy run and a great visit with my sister-in-law!

Sunday, August 14

REST! I'm wiped and will take the next day off as well. Better rested than sorry.

Total Mileage: 36.35 miles

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  1. Oh wow reading all about this is really making me want to go camping! I mean I've been missing it but this was the straw that broke the camels back I think. I love camp food and yup yours looks wonderful. Rest up you deserve it!

  2. I love my new SLS3 socks. Really! I chose orange though and the logo isn't as noticeable. I've never climbed a fire tower before. Did it sway any while climbing up? Animal Land looks like the perfect treat for the kids. Bears? Yikes. Yes, better safe than sorry. Thanks for linking, Amy!


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