TRUTH Day 05: Gracious Words

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. PROVERBS 16:24
Generally, any stories I bring back from Walmart aren't too positive or inspiring, but today was really something. Lately, I had been feeling discouraged as a stay-at-home mom and have been feeling like somehow it's "not enough" to just be a mom. Maybe I should take on more design work... look for a part-time job... try to get busier somehow. When my logic returns to me, I realized what a ridiculous lie this is from Satan! Yet, it still gets me down from time to time. Society glorifies "busy-ness", careers, money, material things, etc. Motherhood and family? Not so much.

After a relatively unpleasant doctor appointment for Eli (2 shots and a difficult blood draw), we went to get groceries at Walmart. While in the checkout line, Eli was putting on a show for the elderly woman behind us and that sparked a conversation. He's such a flirt! We talked about how wonderful babies are and she told me, "They grow up too fast but it's a good thing. If they weren't growing at all, you would have another problem on your hands!"

The woman was very witty and had so much wisdom to share with me. She had raised six children of her own and even had her own great-grandbabies around now. Best of all, she knew the Lord and trusted Him for everything in her life.

What she said next really floored me. It wasn't one of the usual remarks... "Don't you get bored?" "What do you do all day?" "Are you looking for a job?"
She took a look at Eli and said, "I really wish you girls would stay home with your children these days. They grow up way too fast and you have the rest of your life to work out of the home. You can live on much less than you think you need."
I told her I do stay at home with my son but I'm new on the job. My heart filled with joy to hear positive affirmation about this huge life change for my family and I. Man's approval is not our goal as Christians, but a kind word is truly not just day-altering, but life-altering. It's hard to let go of all the negative words people say, so we should really treasure the positive words from others even more. That's why I'm writing this right now! I want to encourage others and be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading.

This woman has no idea of the impact she had on me today! Her words were true to Proverbs 16:24; sweet to my soul and healing to my bones.

I'm thankful for...

Such tortuously boring days at home with Eli :) This boy knows how to have fun!

These awesome napkins.

The TRUTH Challenge Series --- Day 01: Wisdom, Day 02: Worry, Day 03: Love, Day 04: Guard Your Heart

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  1. Amy, I am sharing a hearty 'amen' to those sweet messages of encouragement and how they can help mold our days and remind us of the blessings God has poured out on us in our motherhood.

    I had one older lady at the grocery store pull me aside a couple of years ago (while I was shopping with/trying to manage a 5, 4, and 1 year old!) and tell me that I was doing thing 'right thing' by being available for my children, and that she had never regretted a day of staying home and raising her 6 children. It was such a sweet contrast to the other messages I get bombarded with.

    Proverbs 16:24 is our memory verse for school this week - how timely! Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Thank you for sharing, Lisha! I love Proverbs 16:24. Even on the hard days, a kind word can do SO much to heal our hearts!

  2. Friend,

    I could have written this myself with some me tweaks. Oh, wait, I did a few days ago ( ... :-)

    The reality is that, like you, my work has taken a backseat. It's not always easy when Scott and I both work from home, but there's some "different" realities that exist where my life feels very much like a stay-at-home Moms.

    There's a peace in knowing that Susanna is being raised with both parents at home and by parents who understand, respect, listen to, and love her. I cannot imagine her thriving as she is in day care or even if Scott worked away from home.

    It hasn't been easy, as I have always been fiercely independent and made my own money. Yet, I know that being at home in a supportive role is where God wants me to be. So I do my best and I know that being grateful is better than whining, so I focus on that. Sometimes breath by breath!

    There's more I'd say, but some things are better said off blog. Feel free to drop a note if it feels right.

    1. I stopped over and read your post this morning and it was beautiful! Throughout the day, I need to constantly remind myself what a blessing it is to be home with my son and taking care of our home. I can fall into the trap of whining so easily, though! Work in progress... :)

      And I would love to here more about what you have to say! Feel free to email me at creativeaimdesign (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like.


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