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Okay, this is the last guest post for a little while, really! They've been on a roll lately. Here is a post I wrote at the "For Two Fitness" blog.

Check out New Motherhood and How to Train for a Marathon Post-Baby!
"Exercise and the active lifestyle are just part of who I am. When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby, we were ecstatic and a million questions raced through my mind. Could I exercise while I was pregnant? Does motherhood mean I won’t have time to exercise? Was this baby going to change my life forever? How could I train for a marathon post-baby?
In the first 5k I ever entered, a fellow woman runner yelled to me, “You won’t be running like that after you have kids!” Well, now I couldn’t agree with her more. Since my first 5k, I’m running faster and farther. If anything, being a mom makes you stronger! Having our son has drastically changed my husband’s and my life, but definitely for the better.
Click here to read the entire post!
It's a chilly -26°F here this morning and I'm doing my best to keep cabin fever from setting in. Hope you are staying warm and having a great Monday!


  1. Going to check it out now!! I started running a year ago and plan on running a half marathon for the first time in January of 2015. Thanks for linking this up on our pin-it party!

    1. You're welcome, Gabby! Have a great time in your first half marathon!


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