Third Pregnancy Fitness Perspective

The first trimester (and the all-day sickness) came and went. And, praise the Lord, it went quickly!

Now here I am, not really knowing what to write. With my first pregnancy, the blog didn't exist. With my second, I was all about the baby updates. I feel like I exhausted many topics, i.e. Running in the First Trimester and How & Why I Run During Pregnancy. Interesting topics but they are exhausted none-the-less.

With our third, though just as precious in our eyes, I'm struggling for words. Maybe I'm just more tired?

I read a couple "third pregnancy" posts from other bloggers lately, which were hilarious, though not particularly true for me. While a few things are difference (more tired, more achy), not much has changed since my last pregnancy.

Despite this being my third pregnancy...

I do take my prenatal vitamins daily and have been ever since nursing W.

I still exercise regularly.

We are planning on another home birth and praying that B3 will hang in there full term.

Same midwife, we love her!

I have random and ridiculous pregnancy cravings once again. One day spaghettios (gross), then donuts, then ham & cheese crackers, then eggs... It's nuts.

And I do have a chance to sit down in the afternoon because both kids still nap. When we grow out of napping, having a quiet reading or drawing time will be a "thing" in this house! A little quiet time is good for the soul - no matter what age.

Baby belly or a few too many cheeseburgers ;)

One of the biggest changes with my third pregnancy has been cutting back on exercise. While consistency is key in prenatal fitness, my goal is to maintain fitness while protecting the energy reserves required for wrangling toddler and almost preschooler.

"Maintenance mode" is the best way to describe my perspective on fitness during pregnancy.

I'm getting my heart rate up, lifting my little 10-lb dumbbells on occasion and pounding the pavement or treadmill belt regularly but I'm not setting any mileage records or speed goals. And it feels good!

If there is one thing I have learned over the past years, it's that pregnancy is a time to slow down and savor the moments. We're all excited to meet Baby 3 but time is going to fly way too fast. The next months with just my two boys are going to be sweet ones that I will treasure.

As for maintaining fitness, my loose "plan" looks like: 3 days running, 2 days strength training OR yoga. My pace lately has been an enjoyable 9:30-10:00/mile and mileage will linger around 2-5 miles per run. I'm not going to track my pace for each run, simply to keep me from getting competitive with myself.

It's a big change from last year's marathon craziness but it's a welcomed break and a precious season. There will be a day when I can chase that 3:15 marathon again but as for now I'm so thankful for where we're at.

The truth is, if you stay active during pregnancy, you don't start back on "ground zero" again after baby is born. Being consistent and intentional with regular exercise is building on your lifetime mileage base and experience.

It does make a difference and, after each of our children, I feel like I have come back a stronger runner - and person. It's funny how much each of our children has changed me, mostly for the better... mostly :)

My Weekly Wrap 04/24-04/30


Off. Still recovering from last week's cold.


(Treadmill) 3 mile jog


Strength Training


(Treadmill) 3 mile jog




4 mile run with the half-loaded double stroller. Big brother stayed back to help dad cut down trees :)



How has your perspective on fitness changed over the years?

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  1. I commend you for staying active during your pregnancies. There are some days it takes all I have to get out there and run, I can't imagine doing it while growing another human inside me. You are awesome!

  2. I haven't had children yet and I've always wondered how I would be able to manage working out during pregnancy, so I really apprciate your insights! Glad you're enjoying these moments as you're going through round 3!

  3. I must have missed your announcement, congrats on the pregnancy! It's great you stay so active, I continue to struggle to find balance with exercise and meeting all of my other demands!

  4. Congratulations on baby three! I didn't run until later in life. I certainly wasn't very active in my pregnancies (in fact the last two were high risk). I comment and admire you! I hope you can enjoy this "leisurely" running while you have the chance. Thanks for linking, Amy!

  5. Aww look at that baby bump! I too didn't run until later in life but I did walk my entire pregnancy and thankfully I had not a single problem with Labor and delivery.


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