All About That Boost | Adidas Ultraboost X Review

Disclaimer: I received Adidas Ultraboost X shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

One thing most runners have in common is a love for SHOES. Really, they're a pretty important part of this whole running thing, right? (barefoot enthusiasts may disagree)

Though I would say I'm not too picky with my shoes, my "Shoe Must-Have List" includes:
  1. Lightweight
  2. Neutral to Minimalist Style
  3. Affordable
(Cute colors are a bonus)

As a BibRave Pro, I have had the opportunity to grace my feet with the stylish, lightweight Adidas Ultraboost X women's running shoes. They have a unique look, a sock-like feel and more heel support and cushion than I am used to.

Per the DICK'S Sporting Goods website, the Ultraboost X running shoe is "designed with unique energy-returning boost™ technology, this technical running shoe features 20% more boost cushioning material than ever before. STRETCH WEB® technology allows for flexibility and unleashes the boost™ responsiveness upon impact."

The mesh body of the shoe felt unusual to me at first — wait are these shoes or socks?! — but after a few test runs the concept grew on me. The material is very breathable and comfortable. They do actually "slip on" like a sock with laces!

The Ultraboost X shoe features a molded heel counter for added stability. Coming from a more minimalist-style myself, this was a major difference from my usual shoes but it had no negative effects on my running. Even after my first run in these shoes, I didn't feel a single "niggle" in my legs or feet! Turns out they have been a great fit for me.

I found that the extra stability and cushion has kept me more comfortable while running through this pregnancy too. Extra stability and cushion will be a huge asset as the baby (and my weight) grows.

Trying out the extra set of laces!

Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about the function, fit and style of the Ultraboost X running shoes. The only downside is the $179.99 price tag which falls way outside my "affordable" price range. These shoes are certainly high quality and quality does come at a price.

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to review the Ultraboost X and I do look forward to wearing them in my next marathon.

Check out the Adidas Ultraboost X Women's Running Shoes on the DICK'S Sporting Good website to preview all 6 of the color options,  learn more about the Ultraboost X features and to order a pair for yourself!

B3 Pregnancy: Week 17 Wrap-Up

The time is just flying! Baby 3 is now at 17 weeks and, besides being tired, I'm feeling wonderful. This is indeed the golden trimester. For all of you lovers of the baby-fruit comparison, we're a Pomegranate this week measuring to 5.12 inches. I can feel baby move now but only when I'm sitting down which seems to be rare these days.

I have been doing some major "nesting" by purging our hardly used baby/toddler clothing and items. Maybe it seems weird to get rid of things as we prepare for a new baby but my theory is, if the first two kids didn't use/wear the item, we don't need it. We have boy clothes coming out our ears! Now if this baby is a girl... Guess I'll go shopping for some adorable leggings and flower headbands :)


3-mile run in the early morning for Memorial Day.


Strength Training - Push-mowing the lawn. The lawn was slightly damp and perhaps our mower blades are a tad dull. All I know is I was TIRED after mowing!


3-mile run in the early morning with our dog. I watched the sunrise while he was on a search for gophers.


Travel day to the campground


4-mile run with a couple miles of walking mixed in with one little in the double stroller and one on the bike with Grandma.


Camping and travel home day.


3-mile "Run Date" with my hubs!

What shoe features are on your "must-have" list? 

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  1. Good looking shoes! I really shopped for the cushion to conquer this downhill Utah race! I am always envious of those with running dates with the hubby- very special! Thanks for linking up!


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