Ten Random Momservations | B3 14 Weeks

Hey, Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

So I've been at this "blogging thing" for four years now. FOUR YEARS. Just a month shy of when I first entered the calling of motherhood. It has been quite a journey.

Whether via blog or old journals, I honestly feel "writer's regret" when I read my own writing. Maybe it's over typos or grammar mess-ups but mostly over the ideas themselves. What was I thinking?! I had no clue. Ugh. Stupid. I should delete this (or burn my journal). 

I did look back through some posts from earlier in my motherhood journey and am giving myself grace. Each year, each season, each post is part of the journey. A learning curve and preparation for seasons to come.

Life really is a journey of constant learning! Every. Single. Day.

So, yes, blogging for four years and motherhood for four years. That certainly still qualifies me as a rookie but I thought it would be fun to share ten random "Momservations" (mom observations) that I have made over these years of learning.

Ten Random Momservations

1. Wipe Warmers are a mysterious baby registry item. Does anyone actually use those gadgets? Never used one, never actually seen one in person. I've found simply balling up the wipe in my hand for a few seconds works as a wipe warmer. So handy! (pun intended)

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2. Boys + Bathrooms = Messy. Apparently "aiming" is harder than it looks! Cleaning my bathroom feels like a nearly-every-day sort of occurrence. I hope boys get better at this with age (not holding my breath though).

3. Pelvic floor exercises are no joke. I didn't really get it during my first pregnancy and paid for it later. With my second pregnancy I was more diligent and had no issues! Pelvic floor exercises seem ridiculous but not as ridiculous as a lack of bladder control.

4. Waterproof mattress protectors are gold. Who needs cute matching crib bedding sets? A few sets of plain sheets and extra waterproof mattress protectors (more than one per mattress!!!) are where it's at. Because "things" happen and seem to happen a lot. Sippy cup leakage... puking... accidents... all that business.

5. Stroller runs: Mom gets tired, kids get wired. As much as I love stroller running, the reality is that my kids are resting while I'm running. Running solo and not on the treadmill is a treat! I don't take it for granted anymore these days.

6. Kids don't care about weekends or daylight savings time. Isn't that funny? Some years I have forgotten that daylight savings time detail. Oh well, at least they're up to enjoy the morning. It really is the best time of the day.

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7. Leave earlier to show up on time. Getting places on time isn't complicated with two kids as long as we leave early to account for car seat loading/unloading and various spontaneous issues (meltdowns, child undressing oneself, potty emergencies, etc). Hurrying with kids is a recipe for disaster! Leaving early to show up on time is totally worth it.

8. Straws make life more fun. They're magical. Straws can make a picky eater drink a fruit and veggie smoothie with a smile on their face. I can't say I understand it but I do appreciate straws.

9. Babies require a lot less stuff than I thought. Part of my early baby #3 prep has included getting rid of unnecessary baby "equipment" and toning down our oodles of kids' clothing. So many things that seemed important just aren't anymore - more so, I value the extra space in our house over baby gadgets!

10. My children are teaching me every day. They remind me of what's really important, to see the beauty in the little things life and to slow down enough to see life. To really explore God's creation. The questions they ask (yes, even the little one talks now!) surprise me some days and I truly enjoy conversations with them. Whoever said they miss "adult conversation" while at home must not have chatty kids! Most days end with me feeling socially over-stimulated...

There you have it. Those are my momservations this year at least.

In case you're dying to know, I celebrated Mother's Day with morning waffles made by my husband, custom artwork by the kids and a 5k run, just the dog and me! It was wonderful. Since my husband and bro-in-law have been gone so much the past two weeks, it was just nice to be together as a family.

B3 is a PEACH as he or she is finishing up week 14. And I'm up 5 pounds. Identical to my pregnancies with the boys and hopefully, even if I gain quickly now, it will all even out like it has in the past :)

B3 Pregnancy: Week 14 Wrap-Up


3-mile double stroller run and mowing the lawn while the kids were playing, finally finishing up during nap time.


Lots of outdoor time and activity with the kids.


3-mile grocery run with double stroller. 


Walking, walking, walking around the county park.


4-mile errands run with double stroller and one set of 10 lunges. At least I snuck in one set. In the bathroom. While the kids were bathing :)


Washing floors in the house and walking with the kids.


Happy Mother's Day! 3.17 mile run with our dog in the afternoon. I should probably stick to morning running. 75 degrees felt so hot! I need to get used to this summer weather again :)

How did you celebrate Mother's Day this weekend? 

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  1. ah, I have had those exact momservations!
    #10 is true because no matter what stage you are in motherhood (babyhood, toddlerhood, tweens, teens, young adults) there is always something we learn, or another challenge we are faced with and learn how to adapt to the ever changing role of motherhood. Ive learned to enjoy the moments as they pass, learn and grow from the challenges and of course ive learned to adapt to the different stages and phases of growing children
    Hope you have a good week ahead!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! Change seems to be the guarantee in this journey called parenthood, right?! As soon as I think I have something "figured out"... the little guys go and change something on me :)

  2. Bahhh.... SO MUCH BABY STUFF!!! Isn't it crazy?! I'm trying not to recklessly throw everything out but, seriously, how did we get all this stuff in the first place! :)

  3. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and think it is sooo fun! I am not a mom and obviously have never experienced pregnancy or parenting but, I'm in that period of my single life where I am starting to long for it! ^_~ You blog is very entertaining and insightful at the same time! I love your momservations! Thanks for sharing, and as a newbie blogger I find your 4 year old blog to be very impressive! I hope I stick with it that long, it's admirable. Blessings to you and your family!


    1. Those 4 years of blogging have flown by and I still feel like a newbie! Thanks for stopping by, Lillian!

  4. Fun post! Motherhood has been my biggest achievement and I treasure it! I had a great mother's day with my kids and it is so nice to see them finally put some of the things you teach them to use :-) Enjoy the B3 journey, you look fantastic!

    1. Thank you and happy belated Mother's Day, MB!

  5. I had one of those wipe warmers back in the day! The novelty wore off quickly. A changing table is something that is rarely used in my opinion. Save your money. I love your fruit updates and can't wait to see which one is next! A peach is getting pretty big. You look like you are glowing too. Thanks for linking, Amy!

    1. I'm undecided on changing tables! I appreciated them when my belly was big with baby #2 and I was trying to put a diaper on our oldest. Other than those extreme situations (of struggling to bend over), they are mostly an object to take up space :)


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