Summer Running Sun Protection | BUFF Arm Sleeves Review

Disclaimer: I received BUFF UV Arm Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The sun is out and it's time to break out the summer running gear! My sock and tank top tan lines are developing slowly but surely. And with sunny running comes the need for sun protection.

As a BibRave Pro, I have had the opportunity to add BUFF UV Arm Sleeves to my warm-weather running attire. I'm usually pretty good about putting sunscreen on my shoulders, as they seem to burn first, yet I tend to neglect the rest of the arm. Thankfully, these sleeves offer UPF (ultraviolet protective factor) 40+ sun protection!

Even though today's run was full of sunshine, the windy 60°F morning felt chilly. Too hot for a full jacket but too cold for just a tank. The BUFF Arm Sleeves provided some balance by keeping me warm for the warm up mile. The 88% polyester/12% Spandex material is breathable, comfortable and moisture-wicking... thankfully, because I do sweat.

For you super warm weather runners, some fellow BibRave Pros have recommended dipping the arm sleeves in water before the run to keep you cool while running.

I have enjoyed these sleeves and I know they will come in handy on many runs and outings this year. The sleeves stay well in place because of the silicone grip on the elastic upper sleeve and they fit like compression wear.

If anything, I wouldn't mind if these size S/M were just a little more loose-fitting but not so much that they fall down. A happy medium, you know?

The BUFF UV Arm Sleeves are available in Akira (orange/pink/yellow, as seen below), Interference (black/grey), and White (... white) and a set of 2 sleeves is $24.99. Of course I preferred the Akira pattern because it matches my BibRave orange gear :)

Join us for #BibChat with BUFF on June 6 at 8 pm CT for a chance to win a set of UV Arm Sleeves for yourself! 

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Strength Training - Super sets of thrusters, rows, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, flies, runner arms and lunges (reverse, front, side).


3.3-mile double stroller run on a windy yet beautifully sunny day.


My husband and I are celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary! Hopefully with a supper date, just the two of us.


4.1 miles on the gravel by my parents' farm. So quiet and beautiful out there!


Off - In the coming weeks I'm planning to run on Sunday's and then take Monday's as a rest day. Sunday's are much easier in child-care terms, if I have hopes of running stroller-less.

What is one piece of essential gear for your warm weather running? 

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! I have not tried the arm buffs- they make a lot of sense!

  2. Happy 5 years! I would never have thought of wearing arm sleeves in the warmer months.

    1. I wouldn't have either! Soaking them in ice water on a hot day does sound refreshing :)

  3. Happy anniversary!

    I love the arm buffs, but I'm a throwaway arm warmer kind of gal. I'd have to make sure I didn't toss these!

    1. For sure, I wouldn't want to throw away $25!!! My previous arm sleeves were supposed to be throw away ones from a race but I've kept them... for 6 years now :)

  4. I LOVE arm sleeves!!! I have not tried the Buff brand, though. Just like you said, they are perfect with a tank top for the first few "cold" miles of a run or race.

    1. All of the different styles are so cool, too!

  5. The arm sleeves are too cute! I've never been big on arm sleeves since I tend to get so sweaty but I love that these have UV protection! Great job on your workouts and happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I wore my arm sleeves once for a race and they were perfect! Kept me warm at the beginning and then I rolled them down when I warmed up.

  7. actually I have been running with a pink UV Buff for a few years now :) I'm kind of addicted to head gear and I have more than enough buffs to protect me. I don't think I would wear armsleeves in warm weather though - just SPF 50 sunscreen. I get too hot with too much clothing on!

    Happy Anniversary! And good luck on your strollerless Sunday runs coming up!

    1. BUFF does make super nice head gear, too! Love that they protect from the sun!


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