Love Unending {Book Review}

This book was written for me.

Okay, maybe not for just me, but for all wives and mothers who are navigating this life season.

With little ones running around the house, endless tasks needing to be done, lack of sleep and life pulling in all directions, marriage will fall by the wayside if we allow it to.

Love Unending is a 21-day challenge to rediscover your marriage by looking back to the very beginning. Back to how you first treated your husband and treasured each second you had together.

Author Becky Thompson shares her father's secret to living in that new love every day... but I won't share it with you in this post! You will have to read this book for yourself and I assure you it is totally worth it.

I enjoyed reading Thompson's Hope Unfolding and I have loved this book even more. Her writing is so relatable and each daily challenge is encouraging, not condemning, and a baby step to intentionally treasuring my relationship with my husband.

Becky gets it! She has walked in these young children years before and knows how to spur women on to respect our husbands, to forgive frequently and to keep that fresh love.

I would love for every young mom to read Love Unending. Be intentional in your marriage relationship to keep it from drowning in the dirty diapers, endless laundry piles and To-Do lists.

Marriage is a gift from God and I don't want to take it for granted. Sure the "honeymoon is over", as people often say, but that isn't an excuse to let your relationship die. Marriage takes work and pursuing that love unending is eternally worth it.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions are my own. 


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