Creative Playtime with MEGA Brand Inc

My childrens' eyes lit up when the mailman brought the MEGA Brand box to the door. They really like the mailman on fun mail days, especially when mommy is reviewing toys!

As an Academics' Choice Advocate, I was sent two construction toy sets by MEGA Brands Inc. to review. We received the 1-2-3 Learning Train set:

And the Block Scooping Wagon set:

Needless to say, the two toy sets didn't stay separated for very long. Soon after opening, all of the Mega Bloks were mixed together. That is actually one of my favorite features of Mega Bloks — different toy sets can be added together, further expanding the building fun!

Over the past two weeks, our boys — ages 3 and almost 1 — have spent so much time pulling around the wagon, driving the train and building towers (and also destroying towers).

Overall, I would give these toy sets a very positive review. Here are a few reasons why my kids and I enjoyed the 1-2-3 Learning Train and Block Scooping Wagon:

  • Encourages Creative Play. A simple set of blocks can entertain children for SO long (... like 45 minutes!) and the creative opportunities are endless. Our toddler used his imagination to create all sorts of buildings and vehicles. As for the baby, I'm not sure what he was building... but he was hard at work! 
  • Age Appropriate for 1 Year Old+. The Mega Bloks are a great toy for our season of life with a toddler and a baby. The blocks are cool enough to be considered "big boy toys" for the toddler and they are also not a choking hazard for his little brother.
  • Tool for Learning Colors and Counting. Our toddler enjoyed sorting the blocks by color. Some of the train set blocks come with number stickers which make more learning opportunities for toddlers!
  • Make Clean Up Fun! Picking up the blocks with the Block Scooping Wagon served as a motivation for our toddler to pick up his toys. Instead of a dreaded "chore", picking up the blocks was a game! 
  • Fun for Parents, Too. I enjoy building with Mega Bloks nearly as much as the kids do! My husband and the boys spent time together building things... and breaking them... building... and breaking... (the vicious cycle).

Playing with our Mega Bloks was also a great "sharing exercise". Both boys want the same blocks at the same time. This is good practice because these two have a lot of sharing ahead of them!

The 1-2-3 Learning Train is available for $19.99 and the Block Scooping Wagon is $34.99 on the Mega Bloks website.

Do you have any Mega Bloks sets in your home?

Disclaimer: I was given these products free of charge for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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