Training Week 16: Third "Blogiversary" + Blogger Perks

Only FOUR weeks left 'til race day! Two more weeks of "peak" and then on to the taper. Join me for a Weekly Wrap with Holly and Tricia.

Here's some of the current events in our household...

Baby W arrived at "11 month old" status! Maybe I should call him "Toddler W" now. Turns out he's not just teething but in fact had another ear infection. He's almost done with the antibiotics now and those stinky top teeth still haven't popped through yet! Prayers for his ears are greatly appreciated as he may be needing tubes if the ear infections continue this frequently.

Life to the Full hit the third blogiversary (blog + anniversary) milestone on Saturday! When I started this blog back in 2013 as a motherhood + running writing outlet, I had no idea I would still be writing three years later. I have made many blogging/writing faux pax and I'm sure I will make many more as I continue to write. That's how growth happens! Move out of the comfort zone >>> make mistakes >>> learn from them >>> pressing forward.

Flash back to 2013...

2013: The Beginning of Life to the Full

Honestly, I used to believe that blogging was a tad bit nerdy but my perspective has greatly changed. I have learned so much from other writers and many doors have been opened that I didn't even know existed!

Here are a few blogging "perks" that I have ran across over the past few years:

Five Perks of Being a "Blogger"

  1. Improved Skills in Writing and Expression. When I compare my first posts to my writing now, I am still far from perfect but I have learned how to better express myself and throw my thoughts into words. What better way to improved your writing than to just write! (and read... and write... and read some more)
  2. Training Log Accountability. As a "running blogger", keeping a training log is a great way to stay on track and be kept accountable by other runners even if none of them live nearby! I am a solo runner in a mostly non-runner town and it's helpful to have others who aren't afraid to call me out if I'm slackin'.
  3. Social Networking. "Link ups" are one of my favorite parts of blogging. It's all about connecting with other bloggers/writers of similar interest and encouraging each other. Heidi and Tricia's Weekly Wrap and the Five-Minute Friday group are two of my favorite link-ups. 
  4. Review and Giveaway Opportunities. ...because who doesn't like free stuff?! Book reviews and product reviews have been two of those unexpected doors that opened in the last year or so. I love reading new books and trying new products. Giveaways are great because I get to share the products with my readers! A few of my favorite reviews have been: MEGA Bloks, Grab Green household products, and the book "Hope Unfolding"
  5. Ambassador Relationships. Another door that opened through blogging was ambassadorships through program and company relationships. Working with NuttZo has been a great new experience for 2016 along with Honey Stinger, Bethany House, SLS3, Moms Meet, Sweatpink and the Assocation of Food Bloggers. These relationships have opened up new opportunities for reviews and paid writing.
Blogging has grown to be more than I ever expected and I am thankful God has opened new doors of opportunity! I look forward to see what this new year has in store.


Fargo Marathon Training Week 16:

Monday, April 18

Easy-Effort: 6.01 mi, 00:55 @ 09:09 avg pace.

This morning's run was very rainy and windy. The dog was in trouble for digging a hole under our fence so he had to join me. A good run might leave him with less energy to dig holes!

Tuesday, April 19

 Speed Intervals: (Treadmill) 5.5 mi, 00:43 @ 07:45 avg pace.

1.25 mile @ 7:22
 1 mile @ 7:01
 .75 mile @ 6:46
 .5 mile @ 6:32
(2 minute jog in between each set)

I really have enjoyed doing speed-work on our treadmill. The intervals are easier to keep track of and the pace keeps me accountable!

Wednesday, April 20

Strength Training: Hip raises, leg raises, bridges. Plank variations for 7:00 total, broken up into 1:00 and 1:30 minute intervals. Walked to the store with the boys to get groceries.

Thursday, April 21

Tempo Run: 6.75 mi, 00:52 @ 07:39 avg pace. 2 x 2.75 miles (.5 mile recovery jog in between) @ 7:38 and 7:20.

This was another super windy morning! The temp said 40°F but it still felt quite chilly with that wind. I was running out of gas on those intervals but I reminded myself that Fargo's race may be like that for the entire 26.2! Wind in North Dakota is almost a guarantee.

Friday, April 22

"Easy Effort" with double stroller: 3.25 mi, 00:30 @ 09:17 avg pace.

If only race day could be like today... Absolutely perfect morning for a run. All sun, no wind, warm enough. We took it nice and easy with the dog tagging along.

Saturday, April 23

Long Run: 15.13 mi, 02:00 @ 07:55 pace. WU, 13.1 @ 7:49/mile, CD

Sunday, April 24


Total Mileage: 36.64

What's new in your "current events" for this week?

Linking up with Holly and Tricia's Weekly Wrap Up.


  1. Happy Blogiversary! It is a fun world, right! So many positives that it is hard to describe them all! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you, MB! It has been wonderful getting to know you in the "blogging world" :)

  2. Happy Blogiversary to you Amy! I'm so very glad you are enjoying blogging and I too have made many mistakes but I'm trying to learn from them and go on. It is amazing the support you get from complete strangers and how close you do feel to them. Thank you for choosing to link up with us and for the shout out!

    1. I agree! It has been wonderful joining up with you and the rest of the Weekly Wrap crew!

  3. Congrats on 3 years! There are so many strong and incredible women in this blogging community and I value the support and friendships I've made in the 2 years I've been blogging. We are very glad you've joined our little Weekly Wrap network! Ha -- my dogs would think they were being rewarded with a run! Good luck as you continue to train for Fargo. Your paces are incredible!

  4. Happy 3 years for your blog!! I agree I love the social networking part of blogging... glad to find a new blog to read :)


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