Running Recap: 5/6-5/11

The graduation party was a success and Leo is officially a college graduate! E and I are very proud of him. We had plenty of food and I did end up making the party punch and slow cooker cowboy beans. The beans were delicious but the punch was rather sweet (and I even skipped the 1 cup of sugar in the recipe...). Leo, E, and I left in the morning for the pre-commencement reception, Leo walked for graduation, we got home and hurried to prep for guests, and I think we went to bed at 11 pm or so. Hey, that's late for me! I'm ready for bed at 9 pm these days.

A new week has started and I have to admit I'm completely exhausted! E has been rather cranky these last few days, so I do what I can while he's sleeping and then try to comfort a crying baby when he's awake. Maybe it's a growth spurt again? Whatever it is, I'm finding that being a mom is awesome but exhausting at the same time.

I've decided to take it easy on the running until I start marathon training at the end of June. "Taking it easy" means I'm not allowed to total mileage at the end of the week. Mileage totals are a huge motivation factor for me and, right now at least, I want to get rid of the motivation factors to run harder! My right hip is still stiff since having E and I'm finding it's hard to recover after hard runs when regular sleep is a thing of the past! Despite the lack of sleep, I still feel blessed to be able to run again and to have such a handsome husband and son :)

{Weekly Workouts}

M - 5 mile tempo AM run. Warm morning with a beautiful sunrise! I ran past half of a dead animal's ribcage (think it was a deer) and thought, "Only in the country is it normal to see animal body parts on the side of the road...".

T - 5 mile PM run with the TRF River Runners. I ran with E in the jogger and Leo joined us, too! It was about 70 degrees and beautiful. Downside is my right hip is having issues; I think I need to slow down a bit, more easy runs less speed work (heck, I'm not even training right now!).

W - XT - 30-Day Shred DVD L2. Easy jogging stroller run.

H - 45 minute jogging stroller run with E + yoga.

F - Power cleaning/cooking + mowed the lawn to prep for graduation party!

S - 6.3 mile AM run (without the jogger!). Grad party time!


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