365 Days of Marriage

A year ago from yesterday, my best friend and I got married! We celebrated our first year together by having a good friend babysit E while we went out for coffee, stopped in at the Super One grocery store, and had a K-Mart adventure. It doesn't get more romantic than that! We made some big purchases; red vines, whipped cream, and new pillows.

A Few Thoughts On Marriage:

1. Marriage is AWESOME. My husband is my adventure partner!

2. Marriage is challenging. It has further reinforced the fact that I need to put others needs before myself and my way isn't always the highway. God is using marriage and my husband to better shape my character everyday. Parenthood has been a continuation of this lesson.

3. Marriage is God's masterpiece. We are called to love our spouse as Christ loves the church. That's a huge responsibility, but it's made possible by God and the Holy Spirit. Truly loving someone and being loved by someone is an amazing feeling.

4. Marriage has made me start to actually cook. (Instead of eating breakfast food for almost every meal) Now I'm studying the fine art of meal planning! Cooking is a bit time-consuming, but fun.

5. Marriage definitely changes once a baby enters the picture. But, there's nothing more awesome than seeing my husband be an amazing dad and enjoying life with our new little man!

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:9-10


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