Running Recap: 5/20-5/25

This week flew by and we've had some really nice weather on and off! I've been enjoying my last week home with E, trying to make the best of every second. Leo has the day off work so we're working outside on the garden and other yard projects. While the boys were sleeping, I got out for a 10-miler today that left me with a new set of t-shirt tan lines. I'm not officially training for anything yet, but my body has been craving a long(er) distance run and it felt so good to get out there again!

Anyways, I'll make this a short post because I need to finish out a design project and then get out and enjoy more of this beautiful Saturday!

Beautiful Thursday run!

{Weekly Workouts}

M - 7 mile very wet and rainy run. My hip is feeling better and it's GREAT to feel a bit more normal :) I'm very tired, but it's due to having a sweet little newborn in the house!

T - 30-Day Shred (L3) + 4 mile run with TRF River Runners

W - 4 mile AM jogger run with E.

H - 10k AM jogger run with E + 45 min. tennis on the "bang board"

F - My 26th birthday! Windy 5 mile run with my good friend Elizabeth.

S - 10 mile run at 8:22/mile. I'm doing my best not to keep track of pace, but I was actually happy with how the run went today! Minus a poor food decision that I made prior to the run, leading to G.I. distress at mile 7 :s You'd think I would learn.

How were your workouts this week?
Any upcoming races?


  1. Good for you on getting out for a long run today too! 8:22 sounds pretty darn good to me! It sounds like you've really been enjoying your last week before heading back to work (and the weather too) :D


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