Hit the {Reset} Button

After reading a post about "The Get-Back-in-My-Jeans Game Plan" at A Healthy Slice of Life, I've decided that it's time for me, too, to hit the "reset" button. I'm feeling really great postpartum, but I want to focus on eating healthier and taking better care of my body. Especially since I'm hungry all of the time, I want to make healthy food choices rather than carbing-it-up for a snack!

It's hard to form new habits, but right now I'm choosing to start working towards developing healthy life habits. So, here is a review of my {reset} button plan:

{1. Faith}

Focus on memorizing one Bible verse a week. Each day, I want God's Word to be the first words I read; no devotionals, internet, other books first! I want to be a woman of prayer, giving all of my daily worries to God. My prayers need to consistently ask God how He wants me to use my gifts and what He wants me to do each day.

{2. Family}

I want to continue to grow as a godly wife and mother, serving my husband and son everyday with joy. I want to focus on putting the needs of others before my own. Leo and I need to be sure to go on a date night without baby at least once a month!

Egg, avocado, & cheese tortilla with carrot & spinach salad

{3. Nutrition}

Daily, I need to include more fruits and veggies; especially the veggies! My diet should have less processed carbs... breads, sweets, etc. I need to remember I'm still eating for two - E takes in everything that I do! BUT, I don't want to be too restrictive on my eating. Treats are definitely allowed in moderation. 

{4. Exercise}

The plan is to continue exercising 5 or 6 days a week but remember to have "easy" days, too! My body needs time to recover (more than it used to) and my fitness won't improve if I consistently break my body down.

Here is an example of the weekly workouts, which are subject to change. Having a baby has taught me to be very flexible with exercise! Sometimes I can get out very early in the morning, sometimes wayyy late at night, and other days I take E out with the jogger.When I start officially training for my next marathon, I will integrate speed work, hill training, and tempo runs into the plan.

Monday: Easy run + 30-Day Shred

Tuesday: Group run with TRF River Runners + strength training - arms and core

Wednesday: Easy run + Yoga DVD

Thursday: Med-long run + strength training - legs and core

Friday: Easy run

Saturday: Long run

Sunday: Rest day!

{5. Sleep}

Get as much sleep at night as E will allow and, if needed, nap during the day. Being sleep deprived makes my running sloppy, I feel overwhelmed, and it's much harder to resist poor food choices!

Yesterday's treat: indoor s'mores... mmm

What are your tips for forming and keeping healthy life habits?


  1. Good for you Amy! I'm sure you'll do great at your new goals. As for tips, my biggest tip for healthy diet choices is that it is easier to make smart decisions in the grocery store than it is in your kitchen. If you're trying to cut out processed carbs for instance, don't even buy them. Buy lots of veggies because you'll have to eat them before they go bad so you will incorporate them into more meals. And really, look up fun new recipes for your veggie of choice to keep it interesting. The key is simple, easy, healthy staples. Also, it will be 100 times easier to make healthy choices if your husband is on board too! It's hard to snack on carrot sticks if he's eating pizza!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Autumn! And, I definitely agree, eating healthy is SO much easier if the husband is on board, too :) It's hard to say no to a bowl of ice cream if I see him eating one!


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