Climbing Mental Mountains | Orange Mud Gear Vest Review

Disclaimer: I received the Orange Mud Gear Vest to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Last week I climbed a huge mental mountain in marathon training. The 20-miler. Is it really that big of a deal? My mind sure works it up to be. My last marathon training cycle was back in 2016 and now, at 5 months postpartum, my mind was questioning whether I could really do this again.

On Saturday morning, I hung out with the kids for a while before the wild rumpus that is daddy + sons time was about to begin. I loaded my Orange Mud gear vest with two gels, my phone and filled the 1 liter hydration pack.

As a BibRave Pro, I received the Orange Mud Gear Vest to review. I have ran with a hydration pack before but this has been my first ever Orange Mud product. What I love about running with this vest is the freedom to vary my running route without stopping by home for water or more gels.

After loading up in the morning, I'm ready to hit the road for a couple hours!

The vest without the bladder is lightweight at only 8.9oz and, even with the 1L (35oz) bladder full, I hardly notice the weight while running. Compared to wearing our 19-lb 5 month old in the baby carrier, this gear vest is light as a feather!

Front buckle closures are easily adjustable width-wise and adjust vertically on sliders as well. With past hydration packs, they bounced around when the bladder was full but that is not the case with the Orange Mud Gear Vest.

When the straps are adjusted correctly, this gear vest is just the right amount of snug, while staying breathable, and feels like "part of you" on the run.

In the above diagram, see that the hose comes extra long so you can trim it to your own custom length. That is something I love about this gear vest! I trimmed about 4" off my house and then I tuck it under the side straps, eliminating any annoying bouncing.

And did I forget to mention the whistle? The top buckle has a built-in whistle!

Along with the 1 Liter bladder, the Orange Mud Gear Vest has plenty of room for hauling your other running essentials. The two large front pockets can fit a 600 ml flask or a plus sized phone. In front of the large pocket, there is a smaller pocket to store your trash in and two extra pockets are on the shoulders to hold nutrition. This vest is loaded with pockets!

On my 20-miler last weekend, I took off layers as the morning warmed up and wrapped them in the shock cord on the back of this vest. My gloves easily stuffed into the rear bladder compartment.

I will definitely be taking this gear vest on all of my long runs this year and I may look into purchasing Orange Mud's 600 ml flask for extra hydration over the hot, humid summer. I have been so impressed by this product!

The Orange Mud Gear Vest retails for $109.95 and is available in black/orange, black/green and white. Take 15% off your Orange Mud order with discount code "BRGV15" and stop by #BibChat at 8 pm CT on May 1st for a chance to win your own OM gear!

#Gmas18 Training W9 Recap

Follow along the 16-week journey as I train for my 10th 26.2, the Grandma’s Marathon coming up on June 16, 2018. I look forward to running with fellow BibRave Pros Angie, Amy and Jenn!


Off. I'm switching around the week to make this my off day again instead of Sunday.


Easy Effort 6.52 mi, 01:02 @ 09:29 pace feeling tired but overall pretty good. Motivation to leave my cozy warm bed was about zero... then I remembered running on the treadmill and got out of bed instead. Core routine following run (1:00 side plank with 10 leg lifts x 2, :30 side plank with 5 leg lifts x 2).


(Treadmill) Easy Effort 5 mi, 00:48 @ 09:41 pace because the morning run just isn't going to work three days in a row for now. Baby is an early bird and I don't think my husband wants to be up at 5:30 with him those mornings! (He goes back to sleep for me but is extra stubborn for dad... Core routine following run.


Yasso 800’s x 7, 7.19 mi, 01:00. This was supposed to be 8 intervals but I pushed the wrong button on my watch... Oh well. My 6:30 am “baby timer” was going off soon anyway so I had to get home! Intervals @ 3:44, 3:54, 3:57, 3:55, 4:02, 3:54, 3:43 ---> A good starting place but it's time to kick the speed training into gear.




Easy Effort with double stroller 4.39 mi 00:41 09:24 pace. I took the two littler ones out for a ride while big bro and dad did yard work. I don’t think double stroller and “easy” should be in the same sentence! The headwind home felt HARD. P.S. Baby’s first stroller run!


(Treadmill) Long Run 7 mi, 01:00 @ 08:34 pace gone wrong starting with running indoors this afternoon due to the 40+ mph wind. After church we went out to lunch to celebrate my husband’s official discharge from the army (woop!) and let’s just say the cheeseburger + sweet potato fries was a bad choice. I felt like a beached whale in the treadmill and cut the run short. I’m ready to start a new week!

TOTAL MILEAGE: 30.10 miles 

What fueling techniques do you use for your farthest run/bike/etc?

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  1. I always assumed those vests would be really heavy. Thanks for the review! I might try one on long bike rides this summer

  2. I'm glad to hear your 20 miler was a success! I'm supposed to be receiving an Orange Mud Endurance Pack to trial and I'm really excited about it. I've always carried a handheld so this will be so different for me.

  3. I have never used a vest/bladder, but your review of this makes it very appealing for use when I do long hikes. I don't do long runs anymore so my Simple Hydration bottle works for me there.

  4. I've wanted to try Orange Mud for a while now! Their products look so efficient with the weight and all those pockets. I love running with a hydration pack for exactly the reasons you mentioned...I don't have to worry about having to stop to get more fuel etc.

  5. I have a Camelbak Lite; a smaller version of the original. But even with only a 40 ounce bladder, it feels too heavy if full while running. I did LOVE it for hiking recently though. I think the whistle on this vest is a great extra touch. Thanks for linking!

  6. I have a very similar vest, but I have only used it to carry its two water bottles on the straps. It has a pouch for a bladder/straw, but I have never used those.

  7. My sister has an Orange Mud vest that she likes very much. I've never tried a vest or a pack.

  8. I love my pack (although I use Ultimate Direction) It's a game changer with long runs and trial runs because I can carry my Becca Bites with for fuel. If I run commute I can easily fit a change of clothes inside too.

  9. I like the look of that pack, I currently use a Camelbak or other hydration pack, depends on how long the trail is.


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