Solving the Pocketless Problem | FlipBelt Crops Review

Disclaimer: I received FlipBelt Crops to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

April is here. Is it time to bust out the shorts? Nah, not yet! I have been able to wear a little less layering than over the winter though. That's been a refreshing change.

Eventually, when we really do get into the warmer temps, I lose my outer layers and there goes my pockets with them! On the run it's basically where I cram everything. My phone, gels, iPod shuffle.

Thinking forward to Grandma's Marathon in June, I was trying to figure out how I will carry my phone and gels on race day. I have stuffed them in my sports bra for past marathons but really that's not the most comfortable and can lead to some unusual chafing. (no kidding)

FlipBelt Crops + Compression Socks so I can wear them on chilly days too!

Then a lovely solution arrived in my mailbox two weeks ago.

As a BibRave Pro, I received FlipBelt Cropsthe mid-rise leggings that offer pockets to your little heart's content. Hop on over to watch my initial review and first ever YouTube video here. Improving my YouTube product intro skills is a goal of mine for 2018. It's about baby steps, people ;)

The FlipBelt crops feature a rear zipper pocket, a large front phone pocket with two openings and an internal key ring. The 76% Polyester 24% Spandex blend material is very comfy and I have worn mine for training runs, cross training and for non-running days as well. I pretty much could wear them every day, all day!

On the run, my phone (an iPhone SE) easily fits in the front pocket with the OtterBox case still on it. According to other BibRave Pros, the larger phones fit in the front pocket without any issues. Just a side-note, the pockets are not waterproof so keep that in mind for long, sweaty runs with your phone. Personally I put mine in a sandwich bag and then into the pocket to prevent moisture (a.k.a. sweat) from getting into my phone.

Along with my phone in the front pocket, I carry a couple gels and I tried out the key ring just for fun (I don't usually bring a key with on training runs). The internal key ring and back zipper pocket will be especially handy on race day to carry vehicle keys and any emergency $$$ or ID necessary. I thought the key would flop around while running but the point is to hook your key and then tuck it in the pocket, making it extra secure.

The length of the crops is very comfortable, coming to about halfway down the lower leg at my 5'8" height (or 5'7 3/4", if you ask my dad... ;). Depending on each runner's leg length, the crops will appear a little longer or shorter. Personally, this length is just right for me.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoy my FlipBelt Crops! They are more expensive than running bottoms I have bought in the past, at $89.00 MSRP, but I do believe the product quality is higher at that price. According to the FlipBelt website, they offer easy exchanges for size or color changes within 30 days and products have a 1 year warranty.

I see the FlipBelt Crops carrying me through many training runs, race days and just everyday "normal" days, too!

Take advantage of this great deal: Use code "BIBRAVE" for 25% off FlipBelt Crops.

#Gmas18 Training W7 Recap

Follow along the 16-week journey as I train for my 10th 26.2, the Grandma’s Marathon coming up on June 16, 2018. I look forward to running with fellow BibRave Pros Angie, Amy and Jenn!


Easy Run 7.01 mi, 01:07 @ 09:33 pace out this morning and I actually got to watch the sun rise!!!! The morning was still chilly but, wow, a nice sunrise is encouraging. Spring will come. Some day.


This ended up being a loaded day with appointments and errands out of town and then wrestling practice in a neighboring town that night. I chose to skip the run and rest instead, hoping to ward off getting too run down on this mileage cut-back week.


Fartlek Run 6.79 mi, 00:58 @ 08:35 avg pace that was originally supposed to be speed intervals. I goofed something on my watch and the intervals never started. This is a “down week” in the training plan and I’m taking full advantage of it. Lower mileage and shorter long run for this week before more building.


Cross training included cleaning up puke and then puking myself... then being up with the 2-year-old that night when it was his turn. I'm thankful my mom was able to help with the clean up process and I feel terrible that we brought this "gift" of the stomach flu with us to my parents' place. Uffda.


Recovering from the flu... Better but exhausted and aching all over.


6.2 mi, 00:54 @ 08:40 avg pace instead of a Long Run due to our stomach flu fiesta. I felt pretty good today but am still gaining back strength. I’m SO glad to be done with that mess!




How do you haul your necessities on race day?

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  1. The FlipBelt crops look really cool and I love the fact that they have pockets. It's so hard to find capris or leggings with pockets.

    So sorry that you were sick last week but hope that you are now feeling better.

    1. I agree! This is my only pair of capris/tights with pockets. We are doing much better this week - thanks!

  2. I am so glad to hear that they are great quality. I don't mind paying more if I know they are going to last. I like all of the pocket options. Have a great week!

    1. Exactly! The material is moisture wicking but not too thin. I think these will last me a loooong time!

  3. Oh gosh, the stomach flu is awful ...especially with little ones. I remember those days when my boys were little and those dang bugs would hit our house and take a week to leave as it would hit everyone at a time over the course of the week. Just terrible. Glad you are feeling better and easing back into that training.

    I've been eyeing these FlipBelt crops ...I have used my FlipBelt several times but not a huge fan of it. I guess my "Mom of 3" tummy bulge just keeps it from staying put. But these crops would fix that problem!! I may have to use your discount and give them a try! Thanks!

    1. Uff this one certainly hit us hard! Thankfully my husband and the baby didn't get it. Thursday was a rough one, that's for sure. Fueling belts always ride up when I run in them! Thankfully these crops fixed that problem :)

  4. I hope you are recovered from the stomach flu! Yuck! It's my most feared illness.

    I was supposed to receive a pair of flip belt crops to review but never got them! They look great. I can never have enough pockets!

    1. The stomach flu is just ridiculous, isn't it?! Oh how I hate throwing up... (not really anybody likes it, I suppose). I hope those FlipBelt crops make their way to you somehow. Pretty sure you will love them!

  5. I have several belts that I use to carry my phone. I have one that holds two small water bottles.

    1. That is perfect for long runs and races, Zenaida!

  6. Replies
    1. Aren't they great?! I really should have a few pairs to keep a rotation going :)

  7. ugh sorry to hear you were sick.

    Those flip belt capris look great! I definitely don't usually see capris with pockets. love it!

    1. Thankfully we're on the mend! These capris are so handy - you can't have too many pockets :)

  8. Those flipbelt crops is exactly what I need. I am running my first Half Marathon in May. Training for 10/15 km races never really needed me to carry much but as my runs have gotten longer I have struggled a bit to find ways to carry the essentials. I have a belt that I use but it's just too bulky. Thanks for sharing.

    1. These crops could definitely help you out!

  9. I've been really curious about the crops and they look great - so the materials don't bounce around too much when you run? That's always my concern! I'll have to check them out.

    Hope you're feeling better from your stomach bug!

    1. I carry my phone in the front pocket and it doesn't bounce, thankfully! My only concern was to keep it dry (pockets not waterproof) by putting my phone in a sandwich bag, then into the pocket. Even if the weather isn't rainy, I sure sweat... :s


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