Running Hard or Hardly Running

For me it's been the latter. Hardly running.

There are times to push and times to cut back. Now is a time to cut back but I feel really good about it. I'm running enough to maintain fitness to cover the miles of the Hot Chocolate 15k coming up in April but I'm not pushing my body's limits either.

Honestly, I'm exhausted and all I want to do is eat beef tacos.

Running the Hot Chocolate 15k is still the plan though I'm going to run at a more enjoyable pace rather than race pace. Take in the sights, visit with fellow runners. Besides, I'm guaranteed a PR since this is my first 15k ever, right! ;)

That's enough beating around the bush.

What it comes down to is that I'm really excited to share some news with you all but I'm not quite ready yet. Soon enough!

Until then, just enjoy some beef tacos for me. With crushed Doritos is a bonus.

Hot Chocolate 15k Training Week 4:


3.17 mi, 00:30 @ 09:27 pace. Due to my fatigue lately, I'm cutting back mileage and down the pace. I figured moving forward slowly is better than not moving at all! I took the kids out for a stroller walk that afternoon because the sun was shining too brightly to resist.


Vinyasa Yoga Flow video. The kids and I spent some time outside sliding around on the ice and climbing trees in the afternoon.


3.54 mi, 00:34 @ 09:38 pace. I took the double jogger out of hibernation mode today! The kids and I ran errands in town and back home again. I forgot how hard it is to steer with 2 toddlers, 2 gallons of milk and a load of other groceries. I need to work on my mom muscles!


Runner's Yoga


Long Run: 6.39 mi, 01:00 @ 09:23 pace. I switched my long run for today so I could run without the stroller. The morning was a rainy 36°F and the warmer weather felt so nice. I kept the pace easy and took the dog with for a few miles. Felt great overall minus a little nausea here and there. And thirsty. Always thirsty!


3 mi, 00:27 @ 09:06 pace. I'm feeling so tired lately so I called it good at three miles. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow's rest day!


Rest day.

How is your running going this week?

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  1. Hey, gotta give yourself some grace. It's not like you took the whole week off to be a slug. Also, you had a really big year last year with those two marathons and the weather there is crazy. Sometimes it is okay to take a break, I guess. Sometimes I wish maybe I'd taken one over the past two years, and if I had, maybe I wouldn't be so injured these days. Who knows?

    Finding a new race distance is the best way to PR :).

    1. Exactly! Taking it down a notch from time to time is good for my body and mind. Especially when injured, it's so easy to wonder "what if" but you are moving forward strong, Amy! I know you are going to come back even stronger after this rehab!

  2. Are you running mpls hot chocolate? Wish I was. :( next year though!!

    1. I am! I wish you could be there, too, but hope that you will be able to make it in future years. It's your area anyways, right?

  3. Gosh, I can't imagine running with a double stroller! That has to be great resistance training LOL

    1. With the wind, YES! On not as windy days, it's actually really comfortable. They make double joggers so nice these days - light as a feather but ridiculous to turn!

  4. You still had a solid week despite your fatigue and taco cravings! It's perfectly acceptable to take things down a notch for this race. Just listen to your body and have FUN. It's an automatic PR! The last ( and only )15k I did I was pregnant with baby #3.
    I do hope you have a great weekend ahead. I'm already excited for you even before you share the big news!

    1. You know what's up, Melissa, don't you ;) ;) I'm feeling a little better THIS week (at least able to run) and tacos now sound repulsive. Ahhh... what a rollercoaster!


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