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Disclaimer: I received the Beachbody Performance Nutrition System to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have mentioned before that I am a no-frills kind of runner. I keep my routine, gear and nutrition relatively simple. My pre-workout banana + PB toast, gels during the run and post-workout chocolate milk have served me well but I'm always up to try something new!

As a BibRave Pro, I received the opportunity to try some of the products in the Beachbody Performance Nutrition System as I train for the Hot Chocolate 15k Minnesota in April. The Beachbody Nutrition System is NSF Certified, meaning they have been rigorously tested to meet NSF’s strict banned substance standards when taken at the recommended serving size.

The Beachbody Advanced Performance Stack

Pre-Workout: ENERGIZE

Beachbody's Energize is a pre-workout energy boost without the jittery side effects to be taken 30 minutes before exercising (just mix with water!). The key ingredients are Beta-alanine, low-dose caffeine (100 mg from green tea & coffee bean extract) and quercetin.

As a coffee drinker, I personally don't need the extra source of caffeine in this product. According to the Energize label, it should not be consumed while pregnant or breastfeeding. While I did enjoy the Energize flavor, this product just isn't for me.

Energize IS a great fit for those in need of a jitter-free pre-workout caffeine boost though! I think this product would serve as a healthier alternative for someone who drinks pop (or "soda" as they call it in some locations).

During Workout: HYDRATE

I drink Hydrate during workouts and sometimes even on non-running days because I really like the taste and it helps my body to more effectively rehydrate. I don't like the typical sports drinks sold at the store because they are too sweet but I DO like that Hydrate is naturally sweetened with Stevia and natural flavors.

While water is my main hydration source, Hydrate is a nice change of taste that replenishes the electrolytes lost through all that sweating. This is by far my favorite Beachbody product.

Post-Workout: RECOVER

When Recover is consumed within 30 minutes after exercising, the key ingredients help support muscle glycogen recovery while managing exercise-induced muscle soreness. Recover packs 20 grams of fast-, intermediate-, and slow-release proteins and assures you have a sustained supply of amino acids, the components of protein that serve as your body's building blocks.

I tried the chocolate-flavored Recover (also available in orange) and I like the taste! I have been turned off to protein shakes or similar products because of the funky aftertaste but Recover tastes much better than your typical protein shake.

Nighttime: RECHARGE

The key components in Recharge promote overnight muscle recovery and repair, and help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness. This product contains 20 grams of slow-release micellar casein protein that improves your overnight muscle recover and improves adaptation to exercise.

Especially after a long run or hard workout day, Recharge is a great protein source to prevent a junk food binge one hour before bedtime. That's usually when I crave junk! I thought the vanilla flavor was okay when mixed with water. Blending it with an ice and water combo, making a Recharge "Milkshake", would make the taste better!

The Beachbody Advanced Performance Stack is available for $199.95 plus $23.95 s&h. This nutrition system certainly isn't cheap but I will give Beachbody props for their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. That really shows the confidence they have in their products!

Hot Chocolate 15k Training Week 3:


4.28 mi, 00:40 @ 09:22 pace. Easy-effort miles in the morning with our dog. He is a great pacer during the easy runs, as this is the speed he prefers. It's all too easy to run too hard on easy days and too easy on hard days! Saul keeps me accountable.


(Treadmill) 3 mi, 00:25 @ 08:12 pace. I have been feeling very fatigued and nauseated but I managed to pull off 10 x 1:00 on/1:00 jog fartleks on the 'mill. I kept this workout short by finishing the 3 miles and calling it good.


Runner's Yoga video (25:29).


(Treadmill) 3.3 mi, 00:30 @ 09:05 pace. Easy evening miles watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie, Season 1. A tempo run was on the schedule but I knew I needed to take it easy.


The body says rest and rest I will!


Long Run: (Treadmill) 6.64 mi, 01:00 @ 09:02 pace. I took this run indoors at my parents' place as we are back in another cold stretch! Spring will come soon. I hope!


Rest day.

Do you use for pre, during and post workout fueling?

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  1. Bleh for all the snow and having to take your long run and other workouts indoors, but glad you got SOME outdoor running in.

    I've never actually heard of this line of products but glad you got to try it. It seems expensive but sometimes you get what you pay for in supplements and being NSF is a great thing because that gives anyone who competes in the NCAA a big peace of mind. I'm not a huge supplements person but I'm going to try out Hammer once I can start running again. I do love protein shakes after my workouts, though.

    1. Yes it was a lot of 'mill running but thankfully the weather is warming up now! You make a great point about the importance of NSF - very important for collegiate athletes!

  2. I loved Little House on the Prairie as a kid! I have mitral valve prolapse and am therefore sensitive to artificial sweeteners. I have to really read the labels of "enhancement" products. Like you, I'm a coffee drinker but don't want caffeine in my sports products either. I am a big fan of protein powders, though. Congrats on a good week of training. Thanks for linking, Amy!

    1. Same here, Holly! As coffee drinkers, cutting down the caffeine is usually the goal. I'm caffeined-up enough already :s

  3. I get on protein shake kicks, I'll go awhile and drink them several times a week then quit for a month. I do try and make sure to have a protein shake after my gym workouts more than I do after my runs for some reason. I get that some really can taste bad. I'm still liking the vanilla BeFit protein and I'll add a squirt of orange Crush water flavor and it tastes like a dreamsicle! I've also been adding some BCAA's to help with recovery through out the day in my water.

    1. Oooh a dreamsicle flavored protein shake sounds delicious!!!

  4. I am seriously in LOVE with the chocolate RECOVER! In love I'm almost out and I'm getting nervous. :/


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