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Disclaimer: I received the XX2i France2 sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Until the last few years, I rarely used to wear sunglasses. I didn't see them as a necessity and I felt self conscious in them because they just didn't look right on me.

My thinking changed over the countless hours I spent running outside in the elements. I needed to do something to protect my eyes and skin while in the sun to prevent long-term damage such as skin cancer or eye cataracts.

Finding the right sunglasses makes all the difference. I have had some that slipped off my nose during runs, some that wouldn't stay on top of my head and others that scratched easily. Thankfully, I finally found the sunglasses that fit the bill!

As a BibRave Pro, I received the XX2i France2 sunglasses and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They have exceeded all of my expectations.

I know the rule is to NEVER try anything new on race day but I did it (call me a rebel). My XX2i's arrived in the mail the day before race day and, as a responsible BibRave-er of course, I had to put them to the test. Let's just call it "dedication", right?

My first run with the XX2i France2 sunglasses was the Frozen Feat 10k and it was the perfect day to break them in. The day was unusually warm for mid-February and it was sunny and a bit windy.


The France2's protected my eyes from the wind and the sun. Even in the winter, the sun's reflection off the snow can cause sunburn on your skin and even burn the surface of the eye. When I crossed the finish, the sunglasses did fog when I came to a stand-still but they quickly adjusted to the change in temperature.


The XX2i France2's stayed in place as I ran and didn't slip off my nose as I sweat. Believe me, the 40°F had me sweating!

The France2's stay in place when I wear them on my face and up on my head. I wear my glasses on top of my head while visiting with people and also for mid-run weather changes, such as dark clouds rolling in. My last pair of glasses fell off in that position frequently but the France2's stay firmly in place. Even when I reach down to tie my shoes!


The XX2i France2 sunglasses are available for $59.99 MSRP and certainly don't sacrifice quality at the cost of being affordable (just wait 'til I mention the lifetime warranty!).

The France2's come with a tank protector case, one microfiber soft carrying bag (that doubles as a lens cleaner!), adjustable temple tips and adjustable nose pads. They come in multiple styles, colors, and lens configurations including Polarized, Sport Reader and fully Rx-able lenses. The Tortoise Brown color fit me best and finally I found glasses that look good on me!


Now here is my favorite part: XX2i offers a Lifetime Warranty on any breaks or scratches at the cost of only the nominal shipping/handling fee! WOW. That is huge! They also offer a 365-day Return Policy at only the cost of shipping/handling. Two thumbs up for XX2i's customer service!

Use the code "marchbibrave" to take 50% off your XX2i purchase until March 28 at and be sure to join us for #BibChat with XX2i on Twitter on MARCH 21 at 8 PM CST and you will have a chance to win your own XX2i sunglasses!

Hot Chocolate 15k Training Week 2:


4.15 mi, 00:38 @ 09:13 pace. Our dog joined me for 2 miles of this early morning run. The weather has cooled off again but it's still nice to get outside!


4 mi, 00:34 @ 08:36 pace with 6 x 2:00 hard, 1:00 jog. Early morning fartlek intervals. I really struggle with speedwork in the morning! Especially when it's cold (4 degrees F), my body takes quite a while to warm up.


Runner's Yoga video (25:29).


(Treadmill) 5 mi, 00:39 @ 07:48 pace. Tempo run on the 'mill. My stomach has been really sick lately but running felt fine. I hope hope HOPE I'm not getting a stomach bug. No, thank you!


Happy birthday, E! Today we celebrated our oldest turning 4! Lots of cake and fun :) Stretching and yoga in the evening.


Long Run: 10.32 mi, 01:30 @ 08:43 pace.


Rest day.

What is your biggest sunglasses pet peeve?

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  1. The warranty on the sun glasses sounds really good. I need some of that yummy looking cake and maybe some new sunglasses, too!

    1. That warranty is really unbeatable! And the cake was super tasty. I even snuck a banana in there to try to make it "healthier" ;)

  2. That is a fantastic warranty program on the glasses. I don't run with glasses on. I hate the thought of anything else hot, sweaty and sliding around! LOL!Maybe I need to give these a try. Great review!

    1. Especially in the south, I can see why slipping, sliding glasses would be a turn off! I definitely recommend these - they didn't slip off my nose once. Though the weather is a lot cooler up here :)

  3. I have a hard time wearing sunglasses for a run. Probably because I haven't found the right pair yet. Happy birthday to you son. I bet he was in his glory with that cake. It looks delicious!

  4. My face is very narrow at the temples so sunglasses look humongous on me. I have to buy a child/junior size. It's very important they stay on top of my head too. I like the tortoise brown color. Happy Birthday to the little guy. The cake looks delicious! Thanks for linking, Amy!

    1. If you buy child/junior sizes, at least the glasses are cheaper then, right?! And I bet the styles are more fun, too :)


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