Caring For Your Compression Wear

Hey there! Well, I'm all in the marathon recovery mode over here and this is my "running recap" of absolutely no running.

Everyone chooses to come back to running post-marathon when they're ready and I'm just not feeling it yet. The two marathons in 2 weeks experiences was AWESOME by the way and I will share more of my thoughts on that next week. Seriously, I hope to do it again in the future!

This week, along with my non-running recap, I am sharing some very helpful information from SLS3 about caring for Lycra products... SUPER important for runners and active peeps in general! But first, a very brief workout recap:

My Workout #WeeklyWrap:

MON: Active recovery. Walking with the kids, stretching when I felt like it.
TUES: Same active recovery.
WED: Legs are feeling much better! More active recovery and stretching.
THURS: Active recovery.
FRI: Active recovery.
SAT: Active recovery.
SUN: Yep, same thing.

You get the picture. It's a recovery week :)

Now let's talk socks.

In my past two marathons, I wore two different sock styles from SLS3: short neon sport sock for the first, compression socks two weeks later.

My SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks were just the trick to keep my legs warm on the cool October race day. Plus my legs always feel "faster" when I wear compression socks. Is it just me that feels that way?!

Here are SLS3's "Do & Do Not's" of caring for your Lycra/Spandex products:

Handle with Care

You’ve spent your hard earned money on your exercise gear like triathlon shorts or compression socks and now it’s time to put it to the test. After a grueling workout, you and your Lycra® containing gear are ready for a bath. By the way, Spandex is the generic Lycra® version. Lycra® is a brand name trademarked by DuPont.

After Your Workout

As much as we hate it, we’re all drenched in sweat after a good workout, which means our clothes are, too. If you don’t have time to wash your clothes right after your workout, or you’re too tired like me, then hang dry your workout clothes, making sure there are no wrinkle or overlaps. This prevents your gear from turning into a mildew breeding ground. Gross! It also helps prevent weird stenches from staying trapped inside your clothes.

Getting the Stink Out

The best method for remedying smelly gym clothes is to give them a prewash. Soak your Lycra® outfits in one part vinegar, and four parts water for at least 30 minutes before hand washing, or throwing them into the washing machine. Rinse your clothes thoroughly before washing them to get rid of any vinegar.

Some Don't’s to Remember

DO NOT mix vinegar and bleach ever! If your detergent contains bleach rinse out your vinegar soaked clothes before throwing them in the washer. Do not use vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washer if your detergent contains bleach.

DO NOT use heat for any of your Lycra® garments. Heat will destroy the elastic properties aka the Lycra® fibers of your outfits. Avoid the dryer, ironing and the sun. Remember: Heat is bad.

DO NOT use chlorine or bleach. This will destroy the fibers of the fabric and you will get “bag and sag” syndrome.

DO NOT use Fabric Softener. These are used to soften clothes and will make sure your expensive garment will never retain its shape. Avoid the fabric softener.

In the Wash They Go

Although it is said that hand washing is always the way to go, most of us don’t have time for that. Don’t fret though! It is safe for your Lycra® garments to go into the washing machine following these steps. First, make sure that all of your zippered garments are zipped all the way up to prevent the zipper track from snagging onto other fabric during the washing cycle. Turn your clothes inside out. Put delicate items into a mesh laundry bag, lingerie bag, or pillowcase to protect them (Definitely do this for Bib Shorts).

The Set-Up

If you are worried that a pre-soak just won’t cut it for getting all the smells out, you can put some vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser of your washer. This will make sure your washer will dispense vinegar in the rinse cycle. Always use cold water when washing your Lycra® garments. Heat will destroy them. Set your washer on the “Delicates” setting to prevent damage of your clothes.

Less is More?

Use less detergent than you normally would for your Lycra® clothes. While detergent cleans your clothes, you definitely don’t want a build up of it on your workout clothes. A build up of detergent will trap in dead skin cells and trap bacteria into the fabric. If you want to make sure your clothes last, try a detergent designed for washing workout clothes.

Finishing Touches

After the washing cycle has been finished, hang your clothes up, or lay them down flat to dry. Never put them in the dryer. Remember heat is not friendly to Lycra® clothes. Lycra® is a fast drying fiber so your clothes should not take too long to air dry.

That's a wrap! Use the code "BLOG40" to receive 40% off your SLS3 purchases!

Do you run in compression socks?
What is your favorite piece of running attire?

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  1. Girl, I totally feel faster in my compression socks!lol!
    Thank you for the dos and donts of washing the compression socks. I'm new to the whole compression garment thing so any advice I see I use it.
    Thanks for posting the discount code too- these socks aren't cheap!
    Do enjoy your active rest/ recovery. And yes Chasing after toddlers totally counts as active rest.
    Listen to your body and run whenever your ready - but I have a feeling you'll be back to training for something before the holidays roll around.....

    1. I'm glad the SLS3 tips helped you, Melissa!

  2. Enjoy your recovery, Amy. You deserve it. I love my SLS3 socks, both kinds. Thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks, Holly! Yes, those SLS3 socks sure are great 😀


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