My Favorite {Free} Yoga Videos

I love running. Going out for a jog makes me smile. It's the strangest thing!

But when it comes to stretching afterwards, I get lazy. More so, very distracted...

I need to tend to a crying child, jump on a shower opportunity or some food smells really good. Then I forget the idea of stretching all together and my tight hips/hamstrings/calves make me pay the consequences later.

Stretching is worth the extra time! And I'm learning to respect that.

I recently stumbled upon Ekhart Yoga's YouTube videos and have enjoyed them because they are simple, easy to follow, and free (yes, that part is key!). Plus, the teachers are actually wearing modest clothing, which is important to me considering I usually have little men doing yoga with me.

Stretching itself is important for running performance and general health. It makes me a better runner and taking care of the body through weight training, physical exercise and stretching will make the "aging process" more graceful as well.

Going to a gym or studio for yoga class isn't an option but these videos has been second best. I am making a compilation of my favorites on my Pinterest Yoga board and including these videos:

My Favorite {Free} Yoga Videos

1. Yoga For Runners, 25:28
2. Yoga For Runners, Cooling Down Sequence, 7:46
3. Hatha Yoga Class, 34:06
4. Wake Up Yoga Flow, 20:29
5. Yoga for Stiff Shoulders, 4:56

By the way, have you met my yoga instructor? He's really great and I pay him in Cheerios:

My Workout #WeeklyWrap:

MON: 4 mi double stroller run, 00:38, 09:30 pace
TUES: Yoga for Runners, 00:20.
WED: 4.5 mi run, Watchless run in the rain WITHOUT the stroller! Feelin' crazy :)
THURS: Yoga.
FRI: Off.
SAT: 4.06 mi double stroller run, 00:38 @ 09:15 pace. Ran with the littlest in the double while big brother was at home with Daddy. I appreciate that the stroller pushes well even while only half-full!.
SUN: Off.

What is your favorite stretching routine?
Do you do yoga regularly? Via video or an in-person class?

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  1. What a cute little yogi! I have come to love Core Power Yoga. When I can't get to a class I like doing my Rodney Yee DVD, but I'm ready to try something new - thanks for the ideas.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I love love my yoga class but would love to add a class if I could do it for home- I will check this out!

  3. I have a yoga studio right around the corner from me so I have loved becoming more in tune with my practice. I love that there are so many free options to enjoy it though - I just need a good space in my house to do the poses!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions of free yoga videos. I need to start doing these. I am so bad at stretching after my runs and yoga classes are pretty pricey.

  5. Thanks for the list. I'm seriously going to try them. I did do yoga for hips for a while, but haven't done anything lately. I wouldn't think a half loaded double stroller would push easily. Or straight! Thanks for linking, Amy!

  6. I don't do yoga hardly anymore. I did a challenge earlier in the year and really loved it but I have gotten slack, no I have fell off the wagon all together! Thanks for this it's a good reminder why I need to get back on!


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