Your Marriage Masterpiece {Book Review}

Marriage is misunderstood, undervalued and under attack in our culture.

To see a godly marriage these days is refreshing and a glimpse of the beautiful work that God made it to be.

"Your Marriage Masterpiece" by Al Janssen is a fresh look at God's design for marriage and His purpose behind this lifelong union between a man and woman. Through real-life stories and biblical narratives, Janssen shows us what the Great Artist had in mind when He created the complex and beautiful marriage relationship.
"Only together, in their relationship with each other, would they begin to understand the God who wanted to love them. And perhaps, within their intimacy, in their oneness, man and woman would begin to understand how they could relate to the awesome Creator." - Al Janssen, Your Marriage Masterpiece
I appreciate the vision for biblical marriage that Janssen shares in this book to restore marriage to its former glory. Personally, the writing style didn't draw me in and I wasn't blown away by the book itself.

Personal preferences aside, I still give this book a positive review because it does offer insight into God's design for biblical marriage and that is something that needs to be shared much more often in this culture.

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