Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals for 2016

2015, where have you gone?! This wild, exciting year is coming to an end.... and that means it's time to set some goals for the new year!

Our Christmas tree and the Christmas music on the radio are my reminders that, yes, it is in fact December. Yet the weather outside is far from frightful and our Christmas is definitely not white. Even in the northern parts of the States, we have hardly any snow.

Today it's a bright and sunny 40°F! It's crazy. We have had very few days in the single digit temps! I'm not complaining one bit.

My S.M.A.R.T. Goals for 2016

So, goals. I like goals! The key to setting yourself up for goal-reaching success is to make them "SMART":  Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Results-focused - Time-bound.

I don't think all of our goals need to be SMART goals necessarily, but following the SMART guideline is helpful in making my goals better defined and more focused.

Here are my focus points for this new year:

1. Ask God More Questions

And spend more time listening for His answers! I have gotten better about praying before acting but at times I still lack the patience to wait on God's answer.

I have been praying about pursuing the RRCA coaching certification program but God has closed the door on that twice now but has opened new, unexpected doors. Whether it's life commitments, schooling our kids or even making our weekend plans, He cares about every single detail of our lives! As God closes one door, I know that He will guide me down a path that is better fitted for me.

GOAL: Keep a "prayer log" of questions I am asking God and write down what He reveals to me in His time.

2. Successfully Train for the Marathon... And Like It

Training for the Fargo Marathon starts along with the start of the new year! I want to train well and push myself yet keep it fun. Most importantly, I want to stay healthy and injury free. Being sick or hobbling around would make wrangling my boys much more difficult!

GOAL: Run 4 to 5 days a week with 2 strength training sessions. Be flexible with the plan and take extra rest days as needed. 

3. Regular Date Nights

Seriously this time!. This was a resolution for 2015 and it just didn't happen... We did get away for one overnight together before Baby W was born but since then we have been terrible about date nights. Having a little-little one did complicate things but W is much easier to leave with a sitter now that he is 6 months old.

GOAL: Plan a date night at least twice a month. The date can be an at-home date when kids are sleeping, though actually getting out of the house is bonus points. 

4. Say "Yes" Only to God's Best

This is another goal returning from 2015! Our goal as a family is to set clear boundaries to protect our time together. Busyness is so easy to get sucked in to and it can steal valuable family time as well as distract from your main priorities. I want to say "Yes!" to what God is calling me to and "No." to even the "good things" that serve as a distraction to my purpose.

GOAL: Pray about decisions and talk with my husband before giving my "Yes" to anything. Allow for evening commitments (away from family) two nights a week at the max. 

5. Further Develop My Freelance Design Business

This was one of the doors God led me to this year. I ended up doing more freelance graphic design (Creative Aim Design) work than usual and it was great! I wasn't sure how balancing home duties and the boys would work with it all but the time worked out, I gave them my best work and deadlines were met.

GOAL: Start/finish my freelance design page on the blog! Take on new jobs as time allows.

6. Keep Up the Piano

Playing with the worship team over the past year has been good for me. Though my practice time seems to happen in 5-minute bouts here and there throughout the day, forcing myself to play in front of others regularly has helped me to get over some of my "performance anxiety".

GOAL: Learn 5 songs from my solo book over the course of 2016.

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Do goals motivate or frustrate you? 
What is one goal you have for 2016?

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  1. Awesome goals Amy. I love the variety and focus. #fitfamlove xoxo

  2. Great article!! I just finished my goal setting for 2016 and I completely agree - God + goal setting = recipe for success!

  3. Great goals! This one of yours is the same as mine and is a smart way to get to the start line uninjured: Run 4 to 5 days a week with 2 strength training sessions. Be flexible with the plan and take extra rest days as needed.

    1. Yep - it definitely kept me uninjured this year!


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