Training Week 4: My Long Run "Flat Self"

When I was a kid, I got my kicks from cutting apart my Great Grandma's old JC Penney catalogs to make clothes for my paper dolls. Nerdy? I prefer the word "meticulous" :)

This week on Jessica and Jill's link-up, the Fit Dish, we're doing something that brought back those flat paper doll memories ... except we're talking workout clothes, sharing photos of our own wardrobe and I'm not a JC Penney's model from the 90's. This post contains affiliate links.

The night before a morning run or race, I lay out my clothes to save a little time after my morning alarm goes off.

Finding the right workout clothes is much harder in the morning (before drinking my coffee) and in the dark! That extra fumbling around increases my chances of waking up baby and/or toddler.

This was my "flat self" all ready to go for Saturday's 90-minute long run:

TANK: adidas Performance Women's Ultimate Tank Top

SHORTS: Under Armour Running Shorts

SPORTS BRA: Marika Tek sports bra from Sam's club. Yes, I bought my sports bra at the same place I buy my groceries. A deal is a deal!

SUNGLASSES: P52 Polarized Super Light Frame Sunglasses - This year I have finally started to wear sunglasses while I run and these are the best! They stay in place and don't make my nose sweat a ton. Downside is that they scratch easily.

WATCH: Garmin Forerunner 405 - My ancient and sometimes malfunctioning running watch bought back in 2011. That baby has been everywhere with me!

TUNES: Apple iPod nano (4th gen) - Another ancient artifact. Amazon informed me that this iPod is discontinued by the manufacturer (along with my watch).

FUEL: GU Energy Gels, Vanilla Bean - I take in one GU right before the run and then another one at 45 minutes in, always with water!

SHOE: Nike Flex Trainer 3 - These cross training shoes are my go-to for running on gravel roads. My Scott running shoes have an open-back design and the rocks that sneak in are really annoying!

Do I absolutely need all of that stuff for a long run? No. But having the "right stuff" does make running long distance more enjoyable! GU gels are much easier to carry around than PB&J sandwiches and listening to music or podcasts on my iPod helps me to ignore the fact that I'm tired.

For me, long runs are 80% mental and 20% physical workouts. Being prepared is one way to be mentally on top of your game before a key workout.

If my mind is in the right place, I can cover the miles - maybe slowly but surely - even if my legs feel like lead. So much of distance running (and life) is controlling your thoughts!

Really, running is one big metaphor living a life of faith. Pushing your body to new limits isn't comfortable - just as living a life for Jesus isn't always comfortable (Matthew 10:22).

We press on because the prize is worth it. In running terms, crossing the finish or completing a workout is worth the (sometimes) temporary physical discomforts.

In the big, eternal picture, pressing through the troubles of this life is worth it because it leads to an eternity spent in God's presence. Now THAT'S worth it!
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. PHILIPPIANS 3:14

Wild Hog 1/2 Training Week 4

7/27 M - 4.1 mile run with speed intervals, 35:00. 400 m intervals @ 7:00-7:30/mile with 400m rest @ 8:30-9:00.

7/28 T - Strength training.
7/29 W - Off. Road trip with the little guys and my in-laws!

7/30 H - 4.94 mile tempo run, 40:00 @ 8:06/mile average.

7/31 F - 3 easy-effort miles with double jogging stroller, 31:30 @ 10:30/mile average.

8/1 S - 10.25 mile long run, 1:30 @ 8:47/mile average.

Total Mileage: 22.29 miles

How do you prep the night before morning workouts?

Linking up with the Fit Switch and Jill Conyers. #dishthefit


  1. You already running such long distances & at such a great pace is so motivating!! Seriously, I can't even imagine doing it right now. You go, Amy :).

    On another note, I have to ask if you would have hilarious outtakes from your flat self collection. When I was trying to take mine, Reese was still awake (right before she went down for her nap). She kept trying to grab my snack, my shoes & the monitor to see her sister. I can't believe I got any pictures without a toddler finger in them. Ha!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I didn't have any crazy toddler rampages happen while I was taking the picture because E was reading a bedtime book with grandma and W was in his crib. Otherwise I'm sure my neatly laid clothes would have been strewn all over the room :) E likes to be the star of all the pictures!

      The toddler outtakes are always worth saving. Some of my favorite pictures have been "oop"s while we were trying to take a nice picture!

  2. I lay all my stuff out the night before a big run too, whether it be a race or just a significant training run. It really does help me to be mentally prepared.

    1. Yes, Meg! It's harder to decide to sleep in when the clothes are sitting there ready to go, too :)

  3. Yay! Totally agreed on deals! Those are the best, especially when they're really awesome ones! I don't necessarily need super awesome clothes to work out in (95% of my workout clothes are old shirts and the like) either, but they are rather awesome to have! <3

    1. Woop woop, we're both all about the deals! As long as my workout clothes are comfortable and not too hideously colored, I'll wear whatever is on sale :)

  4. I love those Under Armour shorts!! Super cute! I'm going to look into those sunglasses. I need to just bite the bullet and get actual sport sunglasses for running. I've been using my regular ones for a long time now. Sport sunglasses are just so expensive :(

    1. Sports sunglasses can be so spendy! When I bought my sunglasses, they were under $30, which is a "steal"... in sunglasses at least! Still expensive in my mind but they have been holding up great over the last year.

  5. cute outfit! and my kids are out of the house and I still can not turn the lights on in the morning! Can't wake up the hubby either! It is at least 80% mental, I agree- great job on getting right back out there and getting it done!

    1. I agree, MB - even waking up the hubs is a no-no! Those guys need their sleep, too!

  6. Yes, evening prep for the next day always includes plans for a workout. Love the tweet and the Under Armour shorts. How did the long run go? Awesome and determined I'm sure. Much #fitfamlove xoxo

    1. The long run went great, Jill! It felt natural to start running the double-digits again. I think it was more of a mental battle to just get out there and do it!

  7. Those are great tips! I find my mornings so much easier when I have my daily clothes laid out. Even if it is just in my head.

  8. I love the running shorts. So cute! I haven't found a good pair yet.. I am not a huge runner, but the two I have ride up as a I run so I end up having to pull them back down every 5 mins (annoying!). Hopefully I just haven't found the right ones yet!

    1. Ahhh shorts that ride up is my #2 pet peeve! Second only to chafing :) Those under armour shorts don't ride up on me but they are so light and comfy it almost feels like you're not wearing shorts at all. That's an awkward feeling until I look down and think, "whew... yes, I did remember to put my shorts on!".


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