5 Goals for My First Postpartum Race

Happy Fitness Friday! Tomorrow I'm running my first race since Baby W's birth and I wanted to share a few of my race goals with you.

Over the past three weeks, I have been doing walk-run intervals to ease into running and I had my first "running-only" run on Wednesday. I'm not ready to push the pace but I do look forward to running with other people tomorrow! I run alone these days and really miss the running group atmosphere from our old hometown.

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum recovery take your body through so many changes! This week's 4-miler this week was a good reminder of all my body has been through. The 9:25/mile pace smoked me at the end of the run.

That workout was a reminder that it takes time and patience to rebuild fitness after having a baby. Consistent stretching and foam rolling helps me to recover between workouts as I gradually increase the mileage and pace.

5 Goals for My First Postpartum Race

1. Run By Feel.

I'm ignoring my Garmin and running by how I feel rather than by numbers. To break the habit of looking at my watch during the race, I wear it on the opposite wrist. Sounds strange but it works for me! Running Garmin-less is an option, too, but I like to have the run stats after the race. (nerd)

As well as running by feel, I am focusing on keeping my cadence at 180 steps per minute or higher. If you haven't counted your cadence before, check out this article for more information.

2. Dress Accordingly

Black is a great color option for tops because it won't show leakage if you are a nursing mom and, well, you spring a leak! Wearing at least two sports bras is another great tip for breastfeeding moms. Anything to save some race day awkwardness.

3. Pump Before The Run

Running is infinitely more comfortable after pumping! It's a nice thought to leave a bottle with the babysitter (a.k.a. my mom) in case hunger strikes my youngest, too. And, who knows, being a few ounces lighter may cut a millisecond off my finish time :)

4. Get Some Sleep

Ha! Just kidding. Sleep's not really happening, at least for me and Baby W. If your 2-month-old is sleeping through the night already, please don't tell me about it! I might cry.

A full night's sleep seems far away at this point but foam rolling the night before and a cup of coffee on race morning will get me moving.

5. Have Fun!

I want to make the best of this running solo experience and not feel guilty for asking help. I really struggle with this but I know Grandma needs some bonding time with her boys and being alone for 30 minutes will be good for me.

Running a few miles by myself feels like such a treat now and, though I love my boys to pieces, I'm going to make the best of this run. Plus, my body is not ready to race with this honkin' big stroller yet:

Starting Next Week:

This has also been my first training week for the Wild Hog Half Marathon in September! Next week I will start the weekly WH1/2 training log posts as I ease into running longer distances again.

What are your racing plans for this year?
How did you ease into running again after having a baby or being injured?

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  1. You are such an inspirational mommy! WTG getting back at it when it.

  2. Way to go! You are jumping back and there and it sounds like you are ready! Enjoy it! and have fun!

  3. Just found your blog today via the Sweat Pink Ambassadors FB group. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and looking forward to racing again! Enjoyed this post!


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