Training Week 2: Random Songs on My Long Run Playlist

Saturday's run was my first "official" long run for half marathon training and it felt great to get back into the swing of things again!

I think long runs are best to do in the morning, before the day heats up and I'm worn out, but some days it just doesn't happen. After mowing the lawn and a little gardening, it was long run time (and the boys' nap time).

Hot, sweaty and tired... I made it!

On some long runs I listen to podcasts, other times it's music or nothing at all. Getting back into long runs feels like a special occasion. I listened to music for 60 minutes straight! I love my boys but it felt good to "run away" (literally) for a little bit.

Here's is a random shuffle of my playlist:

10 Random Songs on My Long Run Playlist

1. Run Wild - For King & Country. Of course it's #1 because the word "run" is in the title!

2. Mind's Eye - DC Talk

3. Chains Hit the Ground - Leeland

4. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

5. Ordinary World - Duran Duran

6. Greater - MercyMe

7. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift... don't judge :)

8. You Make Me Brave - Amanda Cook & Bethel Music

9. Say I Won't - Lecrae with Andy Mineo

10. Head Over Heels - Tears for Fears

Recovering from training is harder on my body when lacking sleep so the littlest man and I took a nap after church on Sunday. I can't believe my baby boy is already two months old! No, we are not sleeping through the night yet...

P.S. How's this for a lovely sight >>> A mystery package arrived from Amazon and after some investigation I found out it was a belated birthday present from my mom! What runner wouldn't love getting a box of Vanilla Bean GUs in the mail?! Thanks, mom :)


Wild Hog 1/2 Training Week 2

7/13 M - 2.06 easy/recovery miles, 20:01 @ 9:43/mile. Worn out after Saturday's race!

7/14 T - 1.75 miles with the double stroller. Planks for strength training.
7/15 W - 3.06 treadmill miles, 27:01 @ 8:49/mile. Was supposed to be a 45 minute tempo run but Baby W was super fussy during big bro's naptime.

7/16 H - Strength Training.

7/17 F - 3.06 easy miles, 30:39 @ 10:00/mile. Tired but it felt good to get outside for a run.

7/18 S - 6.78 miles, 1:00 @ 8:52/mile. Miles 1-4 on pavement, 4+ on gravel. I was tired before the run even started! My pre-run "warm up" included mowing the lawn and harvesting peas from our garden. Then it was time for 60 minutes of running.

Total Mileage: 16.71 miles

What's random songs are on your favorite playlist?
Are you currently training for a race?

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  1. I am so impressed! Go Amy go. I love looking at my Garmin at the end of a long run, it's such a good feeling. And, that run especially must have felt amazing. Some of these songs I don't know. Looking forward to checking them out. Yahoo. I need new music for sure!

    1. Definitely check them out, Jessica! Some are contemporary songs and others are more old school :)

  2. Love it - my favorite GU back in college for soccer was vanilla bean too! We must be sisters ;) Ps we need to go on a run together now!

    1. Let's run together tomorrow!!! Vanilla bean is SO good :) We ARE sisters!

  3. Nice training pace you got there Amy! Oh my, your littlest man is so adorable! I am also training for my next half marathon. When I run alone, I do listen to music. My playlist is all hard rock - it really keeps me powered up especially on the long runs!

    1. Hard rock does help to keep those legs moving through the long runs! I tend to listen to fast tempo music for speed workouts or tempo runs and more chill music to remind me to relax on the long runs. Music does wonders - especially for solo runs!

  4. I'm training for life but no races on the calendar. Surprisingly, I'm ok with that. Your training is off to a great start!

    Moms give great birthday presents :)


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