Day in the Life as a New Mom of Two

I love reading "day in the life" posts and so much has changed since I shared my last one almost a year ago.

I'm now a mom of TWO! E is 28 months old and Baby W is 2 months old.

While we have a general "routine", each day takes on a shape of it's own. Baby W's schedule is still quite unpredictable! This is just one of our days last week where I took the time to write down the things we did. Most days feel like such a blur I can't remember what I made for lunch.

Writing down your day - just one day - is something I recommend for everyone to try! Knowing how you spend your time may help with more effective time management. It was a little disheartening to see how much I didn't get done on the "to-do list" yet rewarding to look back on all the memories being made. Plus, for once I would have an answer to the "What do you do all day?!" question. This post contains affiliate links.

Let's get this day started!

Day in the Life as a New Mom of Two

12:30AM, 3:00AM, 5:15AM - I'm up nursing Baby W. Man, that boy likes to eat and it shows. He weighed in at 11.5 lbs at his 6-week appointment last week! (4.5 lbs gained?!)

5:30AM - Might as well start my day. I burp W and grab a granola bar from the kitchen. I read through the She Reads Truth devotional for today on Leo's smart phone and spend time in prayer.

After my morning devos, it's time to get the running clothes on. It's a rainy morning so I throw on my waterproof Boston coat and head out the door.

6:50AM - That was my first run without walk intervals since Baby W was born! I feel more tired than I expected yet it feels good to "accomplish" something for the morning - since I'm not good at the whole sleeping thing.

After a very quick cool down walk and stretch, I come into the house and find that the chaos is starting to brew - everyone is awake! Off with the sweaty clothes and into the shower I go.

7:30AM - Leo made pancakes this morning! On rainy days, he doesn't start work until 8:00 am. Today was a treat! As soon as I got my pancakes, Baby W must have smelled them because he needed to nurse. E looks excited about the pancakes but don't be fooled. That stinker only ate like one bite of his.

Daddy leaves for work. I clean up the breakfast dishes and we go through the boys' devotional book, "The Baby Bible Storybook for Boys". After some "David & Goliath", we read a few more books together. I love our time spent reading because it means I can drink my coffee while sitting down!

9:00AM - Time for dishes. We don't have a dishwasher so this takes a little while some days. Today was one of those days.

I started off doing the one-legged dishes, while rocking the baby in his car seat with my other leg. He was having a fussy/gassy morning! Baby W started crying which made E start crying, telling his brother to "Stop it!".

Now seemed like a good time to boil some eggs for egg salad at lunch time. I took a break to nurse Baby W while I bounced E on my legs as he "rode horsey". After giving up on burping W, I finished dishes. Whew!

9:45AM - E yells from the bathroom, "Mommy, come see!!!" I ran in, expecting the worst, only to find him proudly pointing to his potty and his "#2" in there. "I didn't eat it", he tells me. I thanked him for not eating it. Moving on...

We brush our teeth (forgot to do that earlier) and change W's diaper.

10:15AM - This is our usual park, play date or outside time. Today we prepare to venture outside for some trike practice. I help E get dressed, change W's outfit and fumble over putting the Moby Wrap on myself. I place W in the Moby Wrap and we all head outside for trike ride and walk.

E hops on his trike and we are ready to go. We brought our rain coats with just in case it decided to downpour again.

11:00AM - An urgent potty break brings us back in the house. Afterwards, E face plants in our hallway. I kiss the boo boo and we pick up the toys that flew everywhere.

I finish up the egg salad and fry some bacon. Egg salad and bacon are perfect for each other! We eat lunch right after it's done. W continues his nap while I have some alone time to play puzzles with E.

12:15PM - Daddy comes home for lunch. W wakes up and it's time to nurse. Daddy and E rough house after lunch.

1:00PM - Daddy leaves for work and E goes down for his nap. It's mommy and Baby W time! He naps on me while I edit pictures from a friend's wedding reception that happened a month ago... I still need to finish those!

This is the time when I would sneak in a treadmill run or strength train if I didn't workout in the morning. Since I ran early this morning, I edit a couple pictures and reply to a few comments on the blog instead.

2:30PM - Nurse W. Laundry time! Throw cloth diapers in for wash #1. Lay down for a rest with Baby W. Usually when I'm ready to rest, W is ready to play. Today I caught his smile with my phone's (not very good) camera!

4:00PM - I hear E's door crack open. He's up! Baby W nurses again and we all get ready for more outside time. E rides his trike around the front yard but we stay close to home while a thunderstorm passes by just north of us.

Baby W loves being in the Moby Wrap ! He has been in a growth spurt lately and all of the cluster feeding has left him extra gassy... and fussy. The upright position and movement helps him work it out.

5:30PM - We're back inside and I start supper. I nurse Baby W and Leo comes home from work soon after the food is done.

7:00PM - After supper and some rough-house playtime, I cut Leo and E's hair. This is a monthly sort of thing for Leo's other job and E wants to do whatever Daddy does! After haircuts, the bedtime routine begins. I throw the cloth diapers in for wash #2.

8:00PM - E is down for bed and Baby W continues to cluster feed. I hang the cloth diapers to dry downstairs, clean up after supper and feed the dog.

Leo and I sit down to watch a Netflix show together - we are hooked on Parenthood! - and Baby W nurses.

9:30PM - After getting ready for bed, I pass out after the show to get some sleep before Baby W wakes to nurse again (at 1:00 am) and Leo works on paperwork.

Overall, being a mom of two isn't as bad as I thought it would be! I'm tired and the days feel long but they are filled with so much joy. My husband and I thank God for these two sweet boys and it's such a blessing to spend my days with them!

Do you prefer a regular routine or an unpredictable, let's say "spontaneous" day?


  1. Sounds like a busy (but great) day! Personally, I love a mix of both - the structure to keep me going, and some time for spontaneous things that come up. :)

    1. The days are a strange kind of busy - it's not like we have any tight deadlines or anything - just toddler/baby-style busy :) I'm a regular routine-lover but this has been so good for me! Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

  2. whew! what a day for sure! what a beautiful family, enjoy every day!

    1. Thank you, Mary Beth! These boys are truly a joy to spend my day with :) I don't think I'm ever going to figure this parenting thing out but I am thankful it's a journey full of adventures!

  3. Anyone with several kids can relate the chaos of balancing motherhood and life. You seem to be balanced in taking care of yourself and your boys. All 3 of them. :-) Way to go! And it will get easier - in some ways. :-)

    1. Haha thanks for the encouragement, Suzanne :)

  4. Oh life with two! I feel like it's constant unpredictability no matter what you do! Haha. Especially because toddlers like to throw surprises in there. ;)

    1. No kidding - there is never a dull moment in a day with a toddler!

  5. HAHAH "I didn't eat it" hahahahah LOVE IT!

    I also prefer routine with a touch of spontaneous :)

    1. I think I'm the same as you :) I like a little switch up sometimes but a somewhat routine keeps me sane! Did you teach him to say "I didn't eat it"?!?!

  6. Gosh, I love this post! You'll remember the memories, not the to-do list. I know how hard it is though to feel totally unproductive. You're keeping up with your blog so well. I don't know when you have time to do it! Living closer to you and your boys would sure make this new mom of 2 thing even more enjoyable :-)

    1. I agree, Elizabeth! I love being able to relate to you and your writing because we are in the same season :) It's a beautiful and messy sort of time in life. Toddlers and babies sure are blessings!

      As for finding time to write - my journal is my main writing avenue and it saves a ton of time! The posts are usually outlined out and easy to type up on the computer by the time naptime or bedtime rolls around. Having an outline already done saves so much time and keeps the toddler from attacking the computer yelling "Watch Winnie the Pooh!!!!!".


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