Why We're Not Potty Training... Yet

We're talking potty training on One Year and Beyond this week. It's a topic I'm totally unqualified to write on but I will share our experiences at this point nonetheless.

Is our toddler potty trained? Short answer: No.

Here's where we are as of today. E is 25 months old and there are days when I question his readiness to ditch the diapers.

Potty training has been on the mind for a few months now but our game plan is to postpone until Baby #2 arrives around the end of May/early June. Though our plan makes perfect sense to me, there are times I've wondered is it right to wait until after Baby is born? Or should we just take the plunge now and deal with a regression later?

The potty has been set up in the bathroom for a few months. He certainly has no fear of it but his interest in actually using the potty like a "big boy" is wavering. He would rather wear the seat as a hat. Gross, I know! He's not allowed to do that anymore :)

One day he shocked me and told me he wanted to "boop" in the potty. We hurried to the potty, dropped the diaper and a minute later HE DID! I have heard horror stories about potty training boys but was feeling very hopeful that day. Yes, I took a picture and sent it to my husband. I think we were all shocked!

Since that day, he still uses the potty but inconsistently. I ask him to use the potty and offer a choco chip if he goes, but some days he says no potty. Yes, he even turns down the chocolate chip!

For now, we are waiting for Baby's arrival and, once some sanity returns to our home, onto hardcore potty training we go! The big boy undies are ready and waiting.

Meanwhile I'm doing a little research on the whole potty training process. You know, while I'm in a less sleep-deprived state than when our newborn arrives!

This post from Heidi at Honeybear Lane has been very helpful ---> 50 Potty Training Tips from Real Moms. It reassured me that holding off on potty training is the right decision for us!

Basically, potty training is best to start when no major life changes are happening - i.e. new baby - because your child needs to feel secure enough to successful transition into potty training itself.

That's where we're at for now!

Thank you to Host Heather Leigh and Co-Hosts Ally, Faith, Our Family Grace, and Hannah for organizing the One Year and Beyond link-up.

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Please feel free to share any potty training wisdom or humorous stories!


  1. Great post!!! Waiting until baby arrives is a fantastic idea!! We did the same and I'm so glad we did. ;)

    1. I'm glad it worked out so well for you! I have been debating whether we should try potty training before or after baby for a while now, but it seems this is the best fit for us, too!

  2. Thanks for sharing. My son just turned three and we're still taking it easy. I don't want to stress him out about it, so we're staying relaxed and letting him take the lead.

    1. Avoiding stressing out about it is my goal for potty training our son - both him not stressing out and me, too! I figured he will let us know when he is really ready :)

  3. I've been facing the same dilemma. G toys with the idea but from what I've read, it will be best to wait until baby boy is born. I love the idea of having just one in diapers but I also know that if she's not ready it won't be a productive experience.

    1. I love the idea of only one child being in diapers, too, after baby comes! Like you said - if they aren't ready, the experience won't be productive anyways. That's where we're at still, too!


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