Our Favorite Spring Things: Toddler Activities & Crafts

Spring is here and we are one step closer to shorts weather!

We are so excited to be outside in the sunshine again. E and I both love the outdoors plus it's a great way to burn off all of his toddler energy! Today I'm sharing a few of our favorite spring activities and crafts with the One Year and Beyond link-up.

Here are a few ways we are keeping busy indoors and outdoors:

Our Favorite Spring Toddler Activities & Crafts

Go On a Nature Walk // We found a fake leaf on one of our recent walks and E was so proud! There is always something new to see or collect when exploring outside.

Make a Playdough Pizza // When it's a bit too chilly outside, we stay in and play with our homemade playdough. E loves to make "pizza"!

Take a Stroller Walk or Run // This is mom's favorite! When I want to get in some extra exercise, E and I take the stroller out to run a few miles. It's still a bit cool and breezy here most days so we use the weather shield on our stroller. My pace is slowing a lot at 30 weeks pregnant but E still falls right to sleep.

Color with Mess-Free Markers // Color Wonder markers rock because they only color on the Color Wonder book! E isn't picky about what he colors on so these markers have been a mess-saver for me.

Chalk It Up // The snow has melted off our sidewalks and we now have a whole new art canvas to scribble on! As long as your toddler won't eat the chalk, this is a fun and safe art project plus the mess stays outside!

Thank you to Host Heather Leigh and Co-Hosts Ally, Faith, Our Family Grace, and Hannah for organizing the One Year and Beyond link-up.

One Year and Beyond Topics:
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What are your favorite spring activities?


  1. I love Spring and getting out and enjoying the nice weather! We usually do a lot of playdough outside on our patio table, but lately we haven't done that. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Playing with playdough outside is genius! I've never thought to try that. We will have to try that this summer :) Then the mess stays outside at least!

  2. Love that you linked up this week! It looks like a lot of our activities are so similar! Aren't those color wonder markers and paper amazing?! I LOVE them! They allow us to color in the living room and pretty much anywhere else the little guy wants to. And yes for walks! I love them. I haven't run in over a year, but walking makes my heart happy and I know it's good for me. I'm impressed that you are still running at 30 weeks pregnant, way to go mama! :)

    1. Just being outside in the sunshine in general makes me happy! These days, I'm content to sit on the patio in the backyard and let our son run around like a crazy man. Can't wait for summer :) Thank you for hosting this link-up! I love connecting with other toddler moms!

  3. Love your ideas! You're amazing for running at 30 weeks! You go girl!

    1. Thank you for stopping by AND for hosting, Heather!

  4. That play dough pizza is a great idea! Good for you for still running. My energy has tanked these past few weeks, so I'm trying to fit in any sunshine I can to bring it up.

    I can't wait until we're moved and I can break out some chalk for Reese. Living in an apartment sure has brought it's challenges, but it's been worth it to find the house we really wanted ;).

    1. It definitely is worth the wait to find the house that is "just right" for you and your family! I hope your energy comes back for you soon! Mine has been hit and miss since the third trimester started... some days are great, then I usually overdo it and am back to tired again for a couple more days :) That nesting energy boost should be coming to us both soon!


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