Friday Favorites - 10/10

It seemed like Friday would never come this week, but it's finally here! Here are my 5 favorites for Fitness Friday :)

1. Double Coffee. I hate to be "that person", but when the Starbucks guy handed me a cold frappaccino instead of a cappuccino I had to say something (in the nicest tone possible!). The guy said I could have both drinks and turns out the frappaccino isn't even caffeinated so E and Leo shared the treat on our way home :) This was something so simple that 100% made my day!

Vanilla Cappuccino and a Vanilla Bean Frappaccino... 

2. Harvest Weather. The guys are exhausted and nearly everyone in this town is looking more worn out and grumpy than last week. Harvest is getting closer to being done one day at a time. Thank God for this weather and for caffeine to keep those guys awake!

Our family this fall - E is so blessed to have Uncle "Bug" living with us!

3. Running Aimlessly. No races on the calendar for the rest of the year! I love the structure and focus of training for races but sometimes I enjoy running without a goal pace in mind, too. Good luck to everyone running the Blue Ox Half Marathon this weekend!

4. Taper Crazies. Despite being crankier than usual, dizzy and hungry as a horse, I attributed all of my unusual behavior to tapering for the Wild Hog Half marathon. The taper crazies are a reality for many long-distance runners but it turns out my crazy was caused by something someone else...

3+ weeks, not 3+ babies :) I'm pretty sure there's just one there.

5. Big Brother in Training. E started his big brother training last week! His expression looks like "Wait... I have to do what?!" He has until June 6, 2015 to prepare and I'm really hoping to make it full-term with Baby #2.

Take 5 seconds to think of one simple way you could bless someone today. We are blessed to be a blessing!
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11
Let God use you!
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Tell me about your Friday!


  1. I hope there's three babies in there! ;) Eli's going to be the best big brother ever!!

    1. Oh man... you know, all I ask for is healthy baby/babies, but I have to say that having three babies would be the scariest thing ever. One newborn + a toddler is enough to wear me out!

  2. Congratulations!! I love aimless running although once in a while I need a race to prep for.

    1. Thanks, Renee! I completely agree! I don't mind running aimlessly while my body is feeling haywire these days, though I do hope to have a half or full marathon in my sights for 2015/2016. Racing is so motivating!


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