Busy Toddler Indoor Activities

This week on One Year and Beyond we are sharing busy toddler activities. Since the weather is cooling off in our area, now is the time to brainstorm busy toddler indoor activities to survive the winter!

This summer we have been spoiled by many trips to the playground and hours upon hours spent playing outside. With October flying by fast, the dreaded winter is on it's way, whether I want to accept it or not.

Now that E is a busy toddler, here are a few ways we are going to keep busy on those -20°F days that may be in our future...

Busy Toddler Indoor Activities

1. Make an Art Mess Project.
Let your toddler create a messy work of art with markers, finger paints, egg cartons, play dough, or whatever other toddler-safe mediums you have. Color Wonder markers are the best!

2. Create a Rec Room.
Designate a room in your house as a recreation room for balls, ride-on toys, and other outdoorsy things. Our basement is the rec room and the change of environment really helps on those indoor days!

3. Fun Snacks.
Give your toddler a snack and let them make a mess. Pouring Cheerios with measuring cups is one of E's favorites. Sweeping the entire kitchen after doing this is a guarantee.

4. Plan a Play Date.
Invite a friend over for a play date to change up the routine. It's fun for your toddler and mom gets to visit, too!

5. Go on a Field Trip.
Head out to the library, a friend's house, or even the grocery store. The local elementary school has "pop-in and play" time every Friday and it's wonderful. There are other toddlers there and so many activities for them!

What are your favorite indoor activities for little ones?

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  1. I let my son color on the backs of leftover yard signs. It's plenty of space to color, yet he still wants to color on the couch. I tried!

  2. I can't WAIT to own a home and have a designated play room!!
    Mia loves being an artist so I will be coming up with fun painting activities and crafts to keep us busy through the winter!


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