Friday Favorites - 8/15

Friday is back again and it's time for another favorites list with Fitness Friday! We have had family staying with us this week and the days have flown by.

Here are a few of my favorites over this last week:

1. Harvest time. Barley harvest recently started and E really enjoys driving the combine with daddy. We don't see Leo as much during harvest but I am very thankful that we can go out to the field and visit him. The wives even bring supper out to the field so all of the families can eat together (notice the chili on E's face). It's awesome!

2. New beats. We've been listening to a lot of Lecrae and Switchfoot lately. It's hilarious to watch E bob his little head and dance to the music. I highly recommend checking out "Live Free" by Lecrae and pretty much all the songs on my running playlist below!

3. My favorite double date. My brother and sister-in-law babysat little man while Leo and I went out on our pre-harvest date. The next day, the guys golfed and the girls (plus E in the stroller) ran 4 miles. That counts as a double date, right?

4. The Choco-Graham. Chocolate and graham crackers were made for each other. The "Choco-Graham" is like an indoor s'more, minus the marshmallow! Just make sure you microwave them for 30 seconds, otherwise it's just not the same :)

5a. Our cheering section. Another local 5k ran by our house but this time we were the "cheering section" instead of racing ourselves. I enjoyed cheering on the 5k runners more than actually racing it myself. A 5k here and there is fine, but it definitely isn't my favorite distance to run. Only two months until my next half marathon!

5b. Belated birthday cake. Our niece and nephew helped me bake a belated birthday mini-cake for Leo during their visit with us. I know this is technically picture #6 but I had to share it. My niece's face is hilarious!

What are your five favorites this Friday?


  1. Wow that chocolate graham cracker looks DELICIOUS. I like the sound of that.

    1. It is! I just had one as a post-lunch treat :) Highly recommend it, especially with coffee!

  2. ooh that choc graham cracker looks amazing! Your son is so cute :)


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