Barefoot Summer

E and I were visiting Grandpa and Grandma's farm last week and we enjoyed some shoe-less time outside. E loves playing outside and I was able to fit in some barefoot running, too.

He was very busy working on his Fisher-Price car; you know, being a mechanic like daddy!

Running barefoot is so freeing (and quite a workout on the calves)! I'm not a radical barefoot enthusiast but I do want to incorporate one low-mileage barefoot run or barefoot strength training into each week.

Why Barefoot Running Rocks

  1. The (lack of) shoes are free.
  2. No socks needed, therefore less laundry.
  3. It's like a flashback to being a farm kid!

For more information and tips on barefoot running, check out this article: "How to Start Barefoot Running" by Ben Greenfield

A Few Summer Memories

I will be sharing more about our summer in a future post but here are a few pictures to hold you over (I'm sure you just can't wait, right?). Harvest is just around the corner on the farm where Leo works! Busy days are ahead.

The second week of half marathon training has just started and we are persistently praying for Baby #2 to come in God's timing. This "waiting" period hasn't been easy but God is teaching me so much through this and showing me how I can use personal struggles to help others.

I keep thinking I should just sign up to run another full marathon, then we will get pregnant. That's how it happened with E, anyways :) This is a key verse I'm hanging on to:
Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. PSALM 37:4
Family Tennis. We played some family tennis after church on Sunday. E was our ball boy until he got bored (about 15 minutes later).

Waffles. Now that training is rolling for the next half marathon, increased mileage means I have an increased appreciation for waffles. P.S. These are blueberry banana waffles :)

Canadian Fish. Leo loves fishing like I love running. He was away on a fishing trip up in Canada and we're so glad to have him back.

Canadian Treats. He even brought back some treats from his trip - ketchup chips, caffeinated chocolate, and Tim Horton's (all in moderation, of course!). By the way, Tim Horton's is my new favorite coffee shop!

Have you tried barefoot running?
What positive points have you learned through personal struggles?

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  1. My husband goes on a fishing trip to Canada every year too! Unless I was just running in my own yard, I would never run barefoot.

    1. I agree - it definitely needs to be the right surface to run barefoot! Personally, I run barefoot only in a familiar yard or on the local high school football field (or the treadmill). We have a lot of gravel roads around here and my feet are not tough enough to handle that!

  2. I've never run barefoot before. I do just the opposite looking for shoes with tons of padding and cushioning. I saw a guy running on the trail barefoot and his feet were bleeding-ouch!

    1. Good point, Deborah - I run in more minimalist-style shoes, the less shoe for me the better. Barefoot running may not be a good fit if you need extra support!

      While running Boston marathon in 2012, I ran past a lady who was running barefoot on the extremely hot blacktop road, while carrying her shoes! I thought she was crazy, but maybe she had such bad blisters that the burning pavement felt like relief. Ouch, either way.

  3. I'm a little too scared of pebbles, sandspurs and the like to try barefoot running, but I do run in zero drop shoes and those took months for my calves to get used to! Thanks for linking up with us!


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