One Special Day!

Today is a very special day. One year ago, E made his surprise arrival into this world!

I am much more calm today than I was a year ago (probably because I didn't just give birth today). E was due on April 6th, but decided he couldn't wait any longer.

Having E five weeks early was a scary experience, but God was watching over him (and us) every step of the way. He was born at only 4 lbs. 14.5 oz. and the doctors were amazed when he passed all of the post-delivery tests with flying colors! I was so thankful they didn't send him off to the nearest NICU, one hour away.

Apparently he is still an impatient boy because he woke up at 1:00 am today to remind me that it was his birthday, ate breakfast with Leo and I at 6:30, and now the birthday boy is sleeping in. That means it's mommy's chance to write!

Motivation Monday

Today's Motivation Monday topic is "Top Ten Weight Loss Tips". I really don't have too many weight loss tips, but I will share with you what "healthy tips" works for me!

1. Set Specific Goals.

Races are a great motivator. I'm a goal-setting type of person; goals and deadlines get me moving! I started training for the May half marathon on Saturday and I am using the Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon plan.

I'm new to the world of "online challenges" but have found those are great motivators, too! FitFluential had a 1,000 Burpee Challenge in February and now they started the #FFMarchMiles Challenge. Here we go for 100 #FFMarchMiles!

2. Drink More Water!

This one seems simple, but it's not always easy! Simply drinking more water during the day makes it easier for me to make healthy food choices and I just feel better in general!

3. Rest.

Sleep doesn't always come easy, especially with little ones in the house. On top of that, I'm not very good at taking naps myself. If your body feels rundown, take a rest day instead of working out. Pushing your body when it's completely shot will do more harm than good.

4. Check Your Motives.

Think about your motives for eating. Are you a stress or emotional eater? Is it tempting to use food as a comfort, reward, or trying to fill a personal void of some sort? At times, I have caught myself wanting to use food to fill a void that only God can! I want to have a healthy relationship with food by eating to nourish my body and to simply enjoy eating (God made food tasty for a reason!).

5. Birthday Treats

When you are having a birthday party that happens to involve cute little cupcakes and six-layer bars, send some treats home with the guests. I enjoy sweets way too much to have the leftovers sitting around and E doesn't seem to like sweets as much as mom does!

What are your top healthy tips?

Happy Birthday, E!

We had an early birthday party with a few friends on Saturday and it was a blast! This weekend we will celebrate his be-lated birthday with my side of the family. Two birthday parties for a one-year-old?! Lucky boy... maybe we just want more excuses to eat cake!

The first year of parenthood has flown by! E is such an amazing blessing to us and God is using him to shape our character in big ways. We thank God for this crazy little boy :)

E's birthday cupcakes

His eyes got really big when he saw that candle! E wanted to touch the flame more than eat the cupcake. Boys... 

Happy Birthday, E!


  1. Sending special occasion food home with other people is a great tip! Having those leftovers sitting around can be so dangerous!

    1. Leftover goodies are VERY dangerous! I'm making another batch for his family birthday party this weekend and I'm hoping to send the extras home with my family :s

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man!

    Good tips! Rest is so important and so often we push ourselves too much, which doesn't help in the end.

    1. So true - sometimes less really is more! Trying to push yourself over the limit can end up in major burnout. I will pass on the birthday wishes :)

  3. OMG your little guy is just too cute...happy birthday :)

  4. Cute boy..Happy birthday!! I have heard everything on your list from the other blogger but the #4 is one great tips from you. All this while, when I eat I never check my motives. When I feel like I want to eat, I just grab anything. Even when I'm not hungry. I am still learning to eat mindfully. Thanks for the tips, Keep posting!

    1. Eating mindfully is a daily journey for me, too! I've been feeling really run down the last few days and have noticed that I have been much more tempted to eat junk lately, too.


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