Making Progress

This week we're sharing our progress for Motivation Monday and I also want to share the progress God is making in my heart.

God is always answering prayers and half the time I'm not even aware of it! My prayer recently has been that God would search me and point out anything in me that offends Him (from Psalm 139:23-24). This weekend, He pointed out that pride is a struggle for me.

Pride is a vicious cycle. It's everywhere and the cycle needs to stop here and now. I've noticed that I am most tempted to feel prideful when I'm feeling hurt or defensive. How true is that? When I feel secure in who I am in Christ and when I see myself the way God sees me, I want to encourage other people and lift them up. When I feel beaten down and am wallowing in self-pity, my sinful nature wants to make others feel bad with me. Bleh, it just feels bad to even write that.

My old habit was to store up all of the negative comments about how easy it is to have only one child (yet some days I want to pull my hair out), how I just stay at home all day (why am I so tired from doing "nothing"?), and just you wait 'til you have teens (let me survive the toddler years first!). Why do I store such garbage in my heart!? I need to take these thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Feeling prideful or cutting down other people doesn't do any good; it just adds to the vicious pride cycle. When their feelings are hurt, they may go on to hurt someone else. Rather it should be an encouragement cycle.

This week, I'm focusing on humility because Jesus was the champion of being humble and we are to walk like Jesus did! In the past I have had an incorrect understanding of humility, thinking that I need to belittle myself or think lowly of who I am to be humble. To be humble means to be conscious of our weaknesses and inadequacies and quick to give credit to God and others for what we accomplish.

Today I'm focusing on following the perfect example of humility - Jesus.
Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did. 1 JOHN 2:6
What has God been teaching you lately?
Is pride one of your personal struggles?

Motivation Monday: Progress Pictures

Below is a picture from the end of my pregnancy with E and then a picture of him and I, just a little over one year later!

My main goal is to take care of my body and be a healthy example for my family. As far as weight goes, I weigh a little less than I did pre-pregnancy probably because my daily lifestyle has changed so significantly since then. My 8-hour days at a desk have been traded for chasing a munchkin and working at home! That has been a good change for me, as I've never been good at sitting still for long.

End of February 2013 and early March 2014

Progress pictures are a new thing for me, though I have to say it is fun to look back and see the changes over the last year!

Have you taken "progress pictures" before?

Heat Wave!

The weather this weekend (and so far this week) has been gorgeous! We had a weekend with family full of skiing, hanging out, and good food. For the 90-minute long run this weekend, my sis-in-law joined me for 5 miles and then I finished the run with an additional 5-miles. The run went really well and we even ran some of the mileage on snowmobile trails. Our hotel didn't have much for sidewalks or many road options to run on, so we got creative. Running on the snowmobile trails was a great leg stability exercise!

Running on the snowmobile trails, finishing the last few solo miles.

The best part about training for a half marathon rather than a full? After a 10-mile long run, I would have only 3.1 miles to go until the finish line. Now that's a good feeling!

Leo and I on our "ski date" while E was with grandma and grandpa. Leo is a much better skier than me, but he graciously put up with me wanting to go down all of the easiest slopes first.

Grandma and E in the chalet

Some crazy snowboarders! (a.k.a. my brother's girlfriend, sister-in-law, brother #1, and brother #2)

The baby who didn't want to sleep. EVER. Like the faux hawk? :)

How was your weekend?

Half Training Week 1: (For any of you training geeks out there like me! I get my kicks from tracking mileage)
MON - 3-mile easy run and strength training
TUES - 5-mile run, 7 x hill intervals
WED - DVD Workout: Ripped in 30 Level 3
THURS - 3.67-mile tempo run at 7:54/mile
FRI - 3-mile easy run
SAT - 10-mile long run
TOTAL MILEAGE - 24.67 miles

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  1. What a challenge to focus on! I'm sure with His help you will learn and grow in humility.

    1. Definitely! God can help us through even the most intimidating changes and trials in life. Thanks for stopping by, Coco!

  2. Our weekend was spent with the final days of recovering from sickness that had been in the home for 2 weeks.

    That meant a lot of videos, snuggling, tissues, and great conversations.

    We also hunkered down with intense rain and wind storms, but made it out to the beach once.

    We also cleared out more of the greenhouse to make space for the strawberry and blueberry plants.

    1. I hope you and the family are feeling better soon, Wendy! Being sick for 2 weeks sounds like no fun :s At least you made the best of it and had some great conversations during the storms!

  3. You have a very productive week! I am inspired after reading your training plan. You're one lucky girl. You didn't gain much weight during your pregnancy. You must be blessed with skinny genes. I enjoyed all pictures. Baby is so adorable.

    1. I was continued to workout through my pregnancy and that definitely helped with weight gain, symptoms, and delivery/recovery. Though, E was born at 35 weeks so I'm convinced that I would have gained another 5 lbs. had he gone full term!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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