Goal-Setting, Pizza, and a Movie

I've got a sick little boy at home today and, though I am thankful for his extra napping, I really don't like seeing him sick! Despite not feeling well, he still manages to smile for a picture... I love this kid.

During nap-time #1, I did today's 30-minute tempo run and finally crossed the 100-mile mark for #FFMarchMiles! I guess I can quit training for the race in May now... Kidding :)

Setting Finish Time Goals

While running, I was thinking about my time goal(s) for this race and the different approaches of goal-setting. Setting multiple goals works really well for me.

The A-Goal for me is a finish time where everything in training and the race would have to go perfectly; no sickness near the peak of training, no injuries, nice weather on race day, pace well during the race, and, who knows, maybe even a full night's sleep before the race!

The B-Goal is a finish time that is very realistic to hit but it gives me a little margin to work with depending on how race day goes. This approach worked really well for me in the Boston Marathon. I never could have anticipated the heat in April to be that extreme! I missed my A-goal by 13 minutes but was still a ways under the B-goal. Mainly, I was just thankful to survive!

For the Fargo Half, my A-goal is 1:30 and my B-goal is 2:00. I would like for the weather to be nice on race day, but then again, if the weather is bad, Leo may be able to watch! Well, we'll see how the rest of training goes. I'm all about setting goals but I don't want them to take the fun out of training and racing.

Oh, and I can't forget my special "P-Goal"! If we're pregnant by then, I'm going to shoot for my P-goal, which is the walk/run combo and just taking in the race atmosphere :) Leo and I ran a 10k while I was 13 weeks pregnant with E, but we had no time goal and I was feeling really good (unlike in the earlier weeks). Pregnancy and competition don't mix for me.

Back when E was still in my belly!

Do you set a specific finish time goal or just wing it on race day?

Pizza and a Movie

We won't be going to E's ECFE class tonight since he is sick. Instead we're having a homemade pizza party and our "own" baby class! Which means the usual chaos, roughhousing when dad gets home, and maybe we'll watch Eli's "SuperBook: Noah and the Ark" movie.

P.S. Making homemade pizza crust with yeast is the easiest thing ever! A friend walked me through making homemade bread and I made my first pizza crust last week. There is hope for me and my cooking skills after all!

What is your favorite kind of pizza?
Have you ever watched any of the "SuperBook" movies?

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  1. Best of luck with the race and all of your goals. If you do the P one, shout. It'll be nice to P journey with someone else.

    Oh, and I often make our own pizza. I'm craving a really good BBQ chicken recipe. That's odd given that I'm a veg, but I think it's indicative of the flavors or the other one "eating." I craved meat with Susanna and she's a total omnivore.

    1. Whoa whoa whoa... Wendy, are you expecting?! If so, congrats!!!

      I will definitely let you know if I'm on the P-journey at the same time as you :) BBQ chicken pizza sounds excellent - I've never made a BBQ chicken pizza before but will have to try that soon. A chicken alfredo pizza is on the list, too!

    2. Thanks!

      They're due date twins and I sense he won't be as late as she was.

      Note- living in the way out there spots = cravings harder to fulfill. No BBQ chick pizza at the store and I refuse to pay $20 for a pizza place one.

      Might have to stock up on random basics!


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