Dancing, Cloth Diapers, & Color Swatches

We had a great weekend up north and I even had my dancing partner for the wedding on Saturday night! Leo's boss let him off early and I looooove dancing with him. Mr. E had plenty of people oogling over him and grandma and grandpa were more than happy to cuddle him while Leo and I danced. My siblings and sibling-in-laws are dancing machines, so it was a great time and definitely a workout! We were all exhausted and sweaty by the end of the night...

Mr. E trying to sneak some of mom's food.

It's a wedding, of course, they played the "Cupid Shuffle"!

After a night of dancing with my best friend :)

House Painting & Color Swatches

Master Bedroom Colors
I mentioned that I would share our paint color swatches, so are couple to start! The colors are a bit bold, but I wanted to try something fun. Who knows, maybe in 10 years I'll wonder what on earth I was thinking. My mom, E, and I are going back for more painting tomorrow. A new paint job makes such a difference; it's starting to feel more like home now!

E loves his exersaucer and it keeps him entertained and out of the rooms where we're painting! I found it at a rummage sale for $3. Woop woop! Baby rummage sales ROCK.

Eli's exersaucer - the best $3 investment ever!

What's been your best rummage sale find?

First Week in Cloth Diapers!

A family friend gave me a whole stash of BumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers to use and all is going well so far!

Cloth diapering has been intimidating initally, but now that I'm trying it myself, it's not so bad.

Do you use cloth diapers or are you interested in trying them?

My New Cloth Diaper Stash!

Running Recap - continued from last week

M - 6 mile run with jogging stroller

T - 4 mile easy run with the jogger part time and then with a friend's dog.

W - 6.25 mile tempo interval run.

H - 4 mile easy run with jogger

F - 6 mile tempo run with jogger

S - 16 mile long run in 2:18 at 8:37/mile. I wasn't feeling overly enthusiastic about this run; I'm thinking it was because I overdid the mileage earlier in the week. My body is NOT used to running 40+ miles a week anymore and I can't say it's necessary to marathon training at my level. I'm just a "fun runner" not a pro, so I probably won't be running 40+ mile weeks regularly!

Total Mileage - 42.25 miles


  1. Way to go on trying out the cloth diapering! I'm eager to get ours out of the storage unit, as we've spent the week of travel and pre-travel in disposables. Boo!

    When I asked my mother-in-law (with whom we are staying for now..) if she minded if I washed them, she responded, "of course not! I used cloth diapers on my kids!"

    Now I'm just trying to decide the best way of traveling with them for a month when we are back on the East Coast in the fall.

    The bedroom colors are gorgeous! Sometimes you have to step beyond the normal bedroom color perceptions to really enjoy, no?

    1. Do you have a cloth diaper bag that you take with to store dirty diapers in? I'm looking to find one, as I've been using lovely plastic bags when we're not at home... kind of stinky.

      That's awesome your mother-in-law is open minded to cloth diapers! I'm finding that they aren't as intimidating after all - I think I just may love it! No more grocery bags full of disposables. Freedom!

      And for the bedroom colors, I completely agree - I felt the need to get a little crazy on the house colors and am totally enjoying it!

  2. Glad to hear the cloth diapers are working out for you. They sale cloth diaper bags for the dirties, but I can't remember what they are called. It would only take a minute looking it up on line though. Who did you get the diapers from? After reading this I remembered that we talked about me getting our cloth diapers to you. Oops, I feel like a jerk. haha Let me know if you need more and I'll get them to you. Don't put any money into them if you don't have to. It gets pricey fast.

    1. A family friend from my hometown gave them to me and I picked them up this weekend. You're not a jerk! :) She had offered these diapers to me back in March but I wasn't sure if I would attempt using cloth or not. I'm going to stick to using the ten diapers and inserts, at least while we have one baby it's working out fine!

      I can definitely see how they could get pricey fast! She recommended cottonbabies.com, if I do need to buy anything else.


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