5 Months

I can’t believe it’s been five months since our little man was born. Now I know why parents always make statements like, “It seems like just yesterday…” I’m turning into one of those parents!

Trying out the jumper
Eli is full of smiles and giggles these days. He's crazy ticklish just like his daddy! He's teething now and has been a bit cranky and is usually covered in drool or snot. Each month, Eli continues to reveal more of his personality and I love it!

Baby Thoughts

My friend Elizabeth recommended that I watch “The Business of Being Born” before our baby was born. It shows a different perspective from the typical “childbirth class” that my husband and I attended. If you have a chance, give it a watch!

Eli’s birth went really well, but I wish I would have done more research on medical procedures beforehand. When I asked the doctor during the delivery if I really needed an episiotomy and if I really needed to have the post-delivery Pitocin, I was told I did because it’s “standard procedure”.  These interventions are necessary in certain situations, but Eli’s delivery went smoothly and they were not needed. At least now I will truly understand our options for future babies, if God blesses us with them.

I find it ironic that a simple pair of jeans is manufactured in different sizes, lengths, and styles to adjust for women’s unique bodies, yet for childbirth, we are all supposed to fit in the “standard” procedures.

Have you watched "The Business of Being Born"?
Do you have any baby- or birth-related videos to recommend?

Marathon Training: Week 6

Running went well this week, but the long run today was a bit interesting. (Warning: Breastfeeding TMI up ahead) I woke up this morning with an extremely sore left side due to a clogged duct, but it feels like the whole side is clogged! Ouch. I pumped and took my time eating breakfast beforehand to avoid having a lack of carbs to metabolize again and hopefully avoid getting full-fledged mastitis, too.

I was a bit lazy and decided to sleep in with Leo and Eli, so I ran the 14-miler in the peak heat of the day. Brilliant! I was a hot mess during the run but did have plenty of hydration in my camel back. My stomach just wasn't having a good time feeling very hungry and queasy.

On a positive note, I did complete the 14-miler! One observation I made was that I know my body is probably overheating when I look down at the ground and everything is moving like quicksand. Lesson learned? Get your tail out of bed and run in the morning. And bring food with.

What kind of running mistakes have you made lately, if any?

Harvesting the garden! We have wayyy too many beets.

Running Recap

M – Off. Showed house three times!

T – 6 mile run with strides.

W – 4 mile easy jogging stroller run with Eli.

H – Off. Went to a barbeque with Leo and Eli at Leo's boss' place.
F – 6 mile tempo run with intervals.

Sat – 14 mile long run in 1:57:54 at 8:25/mile. I guess it's been so long since I was last training for a marathon that I forgot how important fueling is for longer runs; woops. I had plenty of hydration, but I was SO hungry! Fortunately, I found an old GU in my camel back leftover from training in September 2012. Maybe that's gross, but it did the trick :)

Total Mileage: 30 miles

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  1. What is a camel back? I'm picturing a small back pack thing. Is it hard to run with? Old GU, not gross. haha I'd have taken it too.
    More Business of Being Born is a 4 part series that covers more deeply on the first Business of Being Born. Some of them start off kinda slow but they all have very good info.

    1. You're picturing right! My camelback is just a little backpack that I carry water in. It has a handy little pouch for food, too. It's extremely easy to run with; easier than carrying a bottle.

      Surprisingly, the old GU tasted just fine :) Desperate situations call for desperate measures ;) hehe.

      Can I find the other "Business of Being Born" videos on Youtube, too? I'd been looking for more YouTube videos on the topic, but didn't find anymore in that series.

  2. I love the jeans-childbirth comparison. It's absolutely perfect and spot on!

    When Susanna was born, we got to 4 cm at 34 hours of unmedicated labor and I called the "stop" button for a c-section. There was no guarantee she'd be born without it, and I was exhausted. Plus my mother-in-law had pushed her flights back (along with my father-in-law's) for 2 weeks to see this girl...and they were running out of days.

    At the 36 hr mark my OB showed up and told me I could continue. I said to him, "I know you're being a doctor and saying this, because you have to. It's your job, but no thank you. I'm done."

    Melissa (my nurse at the time) laughed and quietly repeated, "You're doing it because you're a doctor and it's your job." What I felt was that she knew I was calling reality on reality and she appreciated it.

    A few minutes later, we were in the OR and there were Christmas carols playing. I asked whose idea it was. The OR tech, Doreen, said it was hers. That certainly wasn't SOP, but it was perfect. Those carols calmed me down. They were the perfect jeans of labor and delivery if you will.

    Ah, thanks for letting me reminisce. 8 months ago today our girl was born.

    1. Thanks for sharing Susanna's birth story :) And I'm glad you got "labor & delivery jeans" that fit! hehe.

      These babies grow up WAY too fast!

  3. i love your quote about jeans and childbirth...so true! i trained for the tc marathon when my son was a baby, too...it was the best way for me to lose the baby weight...not easy, but it was great! best of luck to you...we will be cheering on in minneapolis!

    1. I agree - marathon training is a great way to lose the baby weight and it's definitely not easy... Training with a baby is teaching me a whole new lesson in time management especially when my husband leaves for work early in the a.m.

      Did you run the Twin Cities Medtronic marathon? I ran there in 2011 and it was such a beautiful course! Thank you for the encouragement! I'm excited for another marathon, but am a bit nervous for the 26.2 post-baby :)

  4. Oh, thank you so much for coming by and linking up at my new link-up!!! Such a blessing. Your boy is gorgeous and looks like he loves his jolly jumper! And, seriously, you are AMAZING to be running!!! Ugh. I think I need to get into that, and my son is 8 months! So good on you mummy!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! I was excited to join your new link-up :) Eli is growing way too fast and that jumper is his best friend!

      I ran a lot prior to pregnancy and cut down but did continue to run while pregnant, so that helped me to return to running rather quickly. Get into running whenever your body is ready :) Everyone is ready at a different point postpartum and it's not worth it to push your body to recover faster - it can actually go backwards.


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