Why I Hate 5K's

I hate 5k's because they are fast! It had been four years since the last time I ran a 5k and now I remember why. In a marathon, I kick for the last stretch of the race, but the entire 5k race is a "kick". Clearly someone needs to do a little more speed training... :s My cousin and I started the race together and E was my trusty jogging stroller partner, so I can't say it wasn't a fun time! The weather today was be-a-utiful and it was a great day for a run. We didn't stick around for results, but E and I finished in ~24:23 (7:51/mile) according to my Garmin. I've never raced with a jogging stroller (or a baby) before, so I didn't really have a goal time in mind. E slept for the whole run and it was wonderful.

Today's 5k was fun, but there is something completely lovable about the marathon distance. Maybe it's the fact that you have 3+ hours to think about life, eat random energy sources, and possibly suffer from G.I. distress. Though, I will say I do enjoy the shorter races now and then! Especially with a baby in the stroller. After the race, E and I grabbed some coffee and headed over to visit my great grandma in the nursing home. E was out like a light once we got back to my parent's house. He ran so hard this morning!

Leo is away at a 2-week training and we already miss him... E and I are going to make the best of it and soon dad will be home again. We made sure to celebrate his first Father's Day a bit early!
Random of the day: These are delicious!

Running Recap

M- Still sick! Tried to run, but my lungs didn't cooperate.

T- 6 mile jogger run with E and the TRF River Runners.

W- Feeling sore and tired still; rest day.

H- 4.33 very early AM run + XT.

F- Traveling to up north to my parent's farm!

S- Local 5k race. 24:23 finish time (7:51/mile) with E and the jogger.

Do you have any plans for Father's Day?
Any unique breakfast or other recipes to recommend?


  1. I love those Starbucks Refreshers.

    I'm with you, I'd rather longer races but the occasional 5k is a nice thing to do as it doesn't take too much time!

    1. Very true - we were done with the race by 10:30 that morning and on with the rest of the day! I'm usually about due for a nap or at least to put my feet up after a marathon :)

  2. That's a great run with the jogging stroller! I'd be happy with that time WITHOUT the jogger.

    1. Thanks! I was definitely breathing pretty hard afterwards - probably should have joined Eli for a post-race nap :)

  3. Oh, this gives me hope for running our first 5k with Susanna in the stroller. Cherry Days- 4th of July- smart 7am race start. I normally don't like road running, but $15 entry fee that benefits local parks and rec was worth it.

    I hope you all hung in there for Father's Day. I remember those days when my Dad was gone in the Navy.

    Thank you to your hub for his service.

    1. I'm glad to hear Eli and I can encourage other stroller runners :) You will do great! I'm still pretty new to the jogging stroller world, but it's been great so far. It so beats trying to find a sitter anytime I want to go for a run!

      I will pass the word on to him when he gets back :) We miss him, but I keep reminding myself that I need to be thankful he's in the same country as us. We haven't gone through a deployment yet (or hopefully ever); it has to be so hard on the family left at home and the soldier serving. Thank you to your dad for his service!

  4. Just found you via New Moms Talk. Agree that 5Ks are brutal! Add the stroller & it's a whole new level of UGH! At least it's over quickly!

    1. Very true - they are done much quicker than a marathon! Really, I think any race can be brutal if you go all out. I even hated running the one-mile for time when I was in college!


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