Running Recap: 6/3-6/8

Well, it's been a rough week of Leo and I being sick. We're both on the recovery right now and I'm feeling pretty good today. Thank God E didn't catch anything from us these time! Work is feeling more routine again, but I do miss my little man and have pictures of him and Leo at my desk to fill the void a little. Each morning and after work, I try to enjoy each moment that I get with Leo and E. Time goes way too fast and our little man is now sucking on his hand and smiling like a pro! I can't believe he is 3 MONTHS OLD already.

On the running front, I've been trying out my new shoes this week that I got for a Mother's Day/birthday/anniversary gift and I'm loving them! They are called the "Innov-8 Bare-X Lite 150" and I'm trying them really on a whim. I've always wanted to try some more minimalist-style shoes, so here was my chance. My brother told me about and I found them for $65.00 (including shipping), so I figured they were worth a shot. They are said to be "an almost perfect combination of just enough cushioning to protect the foot, while still being very light and flexible" and I have to agree. I've been running in them since Wednesday and am loving them so far! Here's a shoe review done by Running Times. I hope I can run the Blue Ox Marathon in these shoes!
Inov-8 Bare-X Lite 150

{Weekly Workouts}

M - 3 mile AM run. Feeling very tired and worn down from the weekend.

T - Rest day... Sick!

W - 25 minute AM run. Easy pace, still sick and it’s hard to breath… Running is great for loosening up the lung gunk!

H - 37 minute AM run. Trying out the new shoes! Still worn out, but getting better. PM set of 100 jumping jacks – 50 abs – 10 pushups.

F - AM set 100 jumping jacks – front + side planks – 20 pushups. 4.2 mile PM run with E in the jogger.

S - 10k run with E in the jogger AND Leo joined us!

What's your favorite running or non-running shoe? 

Any upcoming races or exciting life events coming up?


  1. Oh my goodness, what a cute baby! No wonder it's hard to go to work! Love the shirt, too! LOL

    1. Thanks, Jan! He's a sweet little guy :) A friend actually painted the design on that onesie - a graphic design one for mom and a "future farmer" one for dad!


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